39-38: The Halloween Miracle

This past weekend was easily the most exciting since I’ve been here at Ohio State. Not only was it Halloween weekend, but the Buckeyes also beat Penn State 39-38 in a wild game of comebacks, nerve-wracking plays, and lots of high fives. The game left my girlfriend, our friends, and I on the edges of our seats almost the whole time (we did consider leaving when the Buckeyes went down by two touchdowns late in the game, but thank goodness we didn’t). Once we won, storming the field was an experience I never thought I would participate in. While it did leave me with a sore leg and a few bruises, getting onto the field was the highlight of the night. Singing Carmen alongside other fans, the band, and the football team was something I will never forget.

The weekend of Halloween, 2017 taught me that it is important to cherish my time here as a Buckeye. There will be plenty more opportunities like this one that will make my college experience memorable. Holding this night in my memories, I am eager to find the next event that will go down in the books as a moment to remember.

Go Bucks!

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