Seed-to-Grafted Plant Calculator

The number of high quality grafted plants needed to produce fruit does not equal the number of seeds that are initially sown. In fact, the number of seed sown must exceed the number of plants to go to the field or high tunnel.

So, how many seeds must be sown?

Use this calculator to estimate how many seeds you must sow to produce the number of high quality grafted plants you desire.

Separate calculations are required for each scion and rootstock.

*Note: The calculator begins by asking how many grafted plants you desire. It then proceeds ‘backward’, stage by stage, to determine how many seed of rootstock or scion must be sown in order to produce the desired number of grafted plants.

This calculator is based on the equations below. You may use these equations to make calculations manually. Calculations are presented for each step in reverse chronological order from setting plants back to sowing seeds. (When entering percentages, use decimals. For example, use .80 for 80%.)

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Number of grafted plants desired for planting in field or high tunnel:

Percent of grafted plants of high quality (suitable for fruit production):

(We use 80-90% )

Percent of plants surviving after 14 days:
(A wide range is possible depending on a # of factors)
Percent of seedlings suitable to graft:
Percent  of seedlings emerged after 21 days:
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