Microbial-based Biostimulants: Past Research Projects

The VPSL has been focused on the research of microbial-based biostimulants for the past several years. A timeline, description of activities, and photos of completed work are available at this page. Scroll down or click on the links below to view specific projects and their details.

Effects of microbial inoculants in fall-to-spring lettuce production project activities completed in OSU-OARDC, Wooster, Ohio

Product used during project: Biogenesis I

Project sponsors: OSU-Center For Applied Plant Sciences, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science

Project Timeline

April 2017

Lettuce in outdoor raised beds was harvested on April 19, 2017.

Lettuce transplants will be harvested in two weeks.

February 2017

Lettuce seedlings were transplanted into outdoor raised beds.

Lettuce seedlings are nearly ready to be transplanted.

December 2016

snowy-day-28-f-12-11-2016-resized inside-beds-12-11-2016-resized
Snow covered mid-tunnels on December 11. Lettuce plants are protected inside low and mid-tunnels.

lettuce-ready-to-be-transplanted-12-2-16-resized transplanting-5-resized transplanted-bed-2-resized inoculation-2-resized
Lettuce transplants were planted in the newly prepared beds and microbial bioproduct is watered in.

Beds were raked in preparation for the next planting.

November 2016

Beds were prepared for harvest on November 15.

October and November 2016

Either low tunnels or low tunnels plus mid-tunnels were used to protect young plants from cold weather.

October 2016 – Seeding at the OARDC in Wooster, Ohio

seeding-2-resized rolling-2-resized sprinkler-application-4-resized
Step 1. Beds were direct-seeded using ‘Paris Island’ lettuce. Step 2. The beds were rolled to insure adequate seed-soil contact. Step 3. The microbial bioproduct was applied with overhead watering.

product-3-g-2-resized add-product-5-resized add-water-and-agitate-3-resized before-applying-resized
The microbial bioproduct was prepared in a water mixture containing 3.6×106 Colony Forming Units (CFU) in 5L water and agitated well.

April 2016

lettuce-was-directed-seeded-apr-2016 lettuce-beds-were-covered-with-only-agribon-due-to-warmer-weather-apr-2016
Lettuce was direct-seeded using ‘Paris Island’ lettuce in April and covered only with low tunnels due to warm Spring temperatures.

January 2016

Lettuce seedlings were transplanted to the outdoor raised beds at the OARDC in Wooster.

December 2015

lettuce-beds-wwre-covered-with-both-agribon-and-mid-tunnel-plastic-dec-2015 lettuce-was-harvested-dec-2015
Lettuce beds were covered with both low and mid-tunnels. Lettuce was harvested by members of Matt Kleinhenz’s lab.

November 2015

Lettuce was directed-seeded and covered with low tunnels at the OARDC in Wooster. Lettuce was drenched at different frequencies with the microbial brioproduct, BioGenesis ITM beginning with seeding.

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Grafted tomato with microbial inoculant completed in OSU-OARDC, Wooster, Ohio