High/Mid Tunnel Systems

A. Managing the Temperature and Other Conditions Inside Your High Tunnel(s)


Resource 1.

Real-time Report of Current Conditions In- and Outside Eight High Tunnels in Wooster, OH and the Ventilation Status of the High Tunnels

Compare the current conditions in and near your high tunnels with conditions in and near eight high tunnels at the OSU-Wooster Campus in Wooster, OH. Use the comparison to help explain and optimize conditions in your high tunnel(s). In the process, pay close attention to the ventilation status of your and our high tunnels.

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Resource 2.

Searchable Database of Weather and Ventilation Status Effects on Conditions Inside Nine High Tunnels in Wooster, OH May 10, 2022 – February 12, 2024

Use our large historical record to help select a ventilation status for your high tunnel(s) based on your target temperature and current or forecasted weather (sunlight/sky cover, air temperature, and wind speed and direction). Select a ventilation status for your high tunnel(s) – e.g., to help maintain a target temperature — more confidently.

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Background on Resources 1 and 2

A summary of why and how the resources were developed.

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B. Additional Resources (Galleries, Videos, Publications)

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