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Four Fast Facts about Vegetable Grafting in the U.S.
Posted April 18, 2024

High Tunnel Crop and Market Period Diversity
Posted February 17, 2024

A Minimalist Approach to Ensuring Fall through Spring Vegetable Harvests
Posted February 3, 2024

Maximize Success with Summertime High Tunnel Crops by Enhancing Soil Conditions Fall to Spring
Posted October 28, 2023

Mid-Late Season Check of Fertilizer Programs: Are They Right?
Posted August 12, 2023

Crop Vigor and Weed Pressure
Posted July 15, 2023

“Can I…?”, “What about…?”: Farmers Improving Their and Other Farms through Research
Posted July 8, 2023

Optimize Potato Seeding Depth and Hill Management for Your Varieties, Soils, and Markets
Posted June 24, 2023

Six Factors to Consider Given the Dry Season So Far
Posted June 10, 2023

Growers, Grafters, Researchers, and Extension Partner in Identifying Best Management Practices for Grafted Vegetable Plants – Watermelon in Ohio in 2023
Posted May 27, 2023

Successful Production Begins with the Best Varieties: An Example from Potato Breeding
Posted May 13, 2023

Maintaining Soil Productivity/Health in High tunnels: What’s the Problem?
Posted April 29, 2023

Plant Biostimulants: What They Are and Including Them in Your Cropping Toolbox
Posted April 22, 2023

How Will Your Yield and Efficiency Increase this Season?
Posted March 11, 2023

Efficient and Effective Management of High Tunnel Environments, 2: Ventilation Status
Posted February 18, 2023

Efficient and Effective Management of High Tunnel Environments, 1: The Need and Challenge
Posted February 11, 2023

Fruit and Vegetable Production: What’s Next with Consumers, Technology, and More?
Posted November 5, 2022

New Plant Hardiness Zone, Growing Degree Day, and Heat Zone Maps
Posted October 29, 2022

Wintertime Programs to Refresh, Reflect, Reconnect, and Prepare
Posted October 15, 2022

Greater Success through Improved Management of High Tunnel Environments
Posted October 8, 2022

Mechanization-Automation in Vegetable Production: It’s Personal and Important
Posted March 26, 2022

Why Aren’t My High Tunnel Tomato Plants Growing Faster?
Posted March 5, 2022

Solar Energy and Your Farm
Posted Feburary 26, 2022

A Simple, Inexpensive, DIY System for Controlling the Height of High Tunnel Sidewall Rollbars Remotely
Posted December 19, 2021

Soil Heating Effects on Days to Harvest, Quality, and Regrowth of Three High Tunnel- and Fall-grown Vegetable Crops
Posted November 6, 2021

Optimizing Film, Fabric, and Root Zone Heating Combinations in Fall-to-Spring High Tunnel Vegetable Production
Posted October 9, 2021

Grafted Watermelon Plants: Under What Conditions and Practices Does Using Them Offer the Best Return on Investment?
Posted August 21, 2021

Optimizing Vegetable Fertilizer Programs
Posted July 24, 2021

Syncing the Amount of Water Available to Crops with Their Need for It
Posted July 10, 2021

Partnerships, Teamwork, and Persistence Bring New Potato Varieties
Posted June 26, 2021

Recognize and Mitigate Crop Heat Stress
Posted June 12, 2021

What are You and Others You Hear from Willing to Pay for New Farming Technology?
Posted May 29, 2021

Irrigation Water Quality Testing
Posted May 1, 2021

How Do you Maintain the Health – Quality – Productivity of Soils in Your High Tunnel(s)?
Posted April 10, 2021

Re-Introducing The Vegetable Beet and Re-Thinking Transplant Production
Posted March 20, 2021

Soil Limiting Bird Damage in Sweet Corn
Posted March 6, 2021

Soil Sampling and Analysis for High Tunnel Production
Posted February 20, 2021

Grafted Plants: What They May Offer You and How to Obtain Them 
Posted January 30, 2021

Improving Success with Soil-less Rooting Media
Posted October 10, 2020

Grafting, In-row Spacing, and Seasonal Nitrogen Application Rate Effects on Watermelon Yield and Quality
Posted October 3, 2020

High Tunnel Site Selection Tips
Posted September 19, 2020

Optimizing Plant Spacing (Population) and Seasonal Nitrogen Rates in Grafted Watermelon Production
Posted August 22, 2020

Rotation Crops in High Tunnel Production
Posted August 8, 2020

Optimizing Soil Moisture in Drip-irrigated Soils
Posted August 1, 2020

Grafting, In-row Spacing, and Total Seasonal Nitrogen Effects on Watermelon Yield and Quality
Posted July 11, 2020

Water Needs and Supplies, and Delivered during Typical Drip Irrigation Events
Posted July 4, 2020

Factors Influencing Measures of °Brix (Soluble Solids), an Indicator of Potential Crop Quality
Posted June 27, 2020

Grafted Plants, Suppliers, and Experiments
Posted June 6, 2020

Transplants: Roots, Shoots, and Water
Posted May 23, 2020

Upcoming Session to Focus on Long-term Success in High Tunnel Production
Posted April 20, 2020

From New and Unusual to Common (or Maybe Not): The Dynamic World of Specialty Varieties
Posted September 28, 2019

One Example of How Grafting May Benefit Pepper Growers
Posted September 21, 2019

Harvests of Data Hopefully Increase Harvests of Money
Posted August 24, 2019

Lab to Field to Basket: Potato Research and Extension to Strengthen the “Chip Business”
Posted August 17, 2019

Making Up Lost Ground (actually, for Lost Plants or Leaves)
Posted July 6, 2019

Persistently-wet Soils Early in the Season: Consequences and Mitigation
Posted June 29, 2019

More and Better Tools to Help Respond Effectively to Weather-related Challenges
Posted June 8, 2019

Research newly Completed and Started
Posted May 25, 2019

Growers and Researchers continue to Study Grafted Vegetable Plants
Posted May 4, 2019

Specialty Crop Growers’ Roundtable at OARDC
Posted January 19, 2019

The 2019 Ohio Produce Network Program: Count on It
Posted January 12, 2019

Grower, Gardener, Educator, and Researcher – All can Gain from Vegetable Grafting
Posted January 4, 2019

Biodegradable Mulch: Your Next Production Tool?
Posted October 6, 2018

Fruit Yield and Quality in a Strip-Till Tomato System as Influenced by Grafted Plants and Crop Biostimulants
Posted September 1, 2018

Building a Shared Understanding of Soil Balancing
Posted August 13, 2018

Can Microbial Inoculants (Biostimulants) Enhance Vegetable Yield and/or Quality?
Posted July 22, 2017

Monitor and Predict Conditions during Production, Storage, and Transport
Posted June 17, 2017

That’s a Great Idea! Can I/We Test It?
Posted May 27, 2017

High Tunnel Vegetable Production: Challenges and Opportunities Workshop
Posted May 20, 2017

Graft, Roll, Crimp, Crush, and Strip: A Few of the Steps included in an Ongoing Study
Posted May 20, 2017

Larger, better, and more stress-tolerant crops with microbial biostimulants?
Posted May 11, 2017

Vegetable Grafting: Why and How
Posted May 3, 2017

A High-Tunnel That is Easy to Move and Easy to Keep in Place
Vol. 23, No. 21, pp. 1-2
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Are Grafted Plants Especially Beneficial When Strip- or No-Tillage are Used?
Zheng Wang, Jennifer Moyseenko, and Matt Kleinhenz in Vol. 23, No. 20, pp. 1-2
Download PDF

Does the Base Cation Saturation Ratio (BCSR) Philosophy Affect Your Crops, Soils, Weeds, and Bottom-line?
Vol. 23, No. 18, pp. 1-2
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Drainage Around High Tunnels is Important
Vol. 23, No. 17, pp. 1-2
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Understanding the Base Cation Saturation (BCSR) Philosophy of Soil and Nutrient Management
Vol. 23, No. 14, pp. 4-5
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Will Grafted Plants be Useful in Processing Tomato Production?
Vol. 23, No. 13, pg. 3
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Getting the Most from Crop Biostimulants and Biofertilizers
Zheng Wang, Julie Laudick, and Matt Kleinhenz in Vol. 23, No. 12, pp. 4-5
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When Does Low Soil Moisture Most Affect Cabbage?
Vol. 23, No. 11, pp. 2-3
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Typical Yield Patterns of Grafted and Ungrafted Tomato, Watermelon, and Melon Plants
Vol. 23, No. 10, pg. 9
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Strip Tillage and Grafting: Useful Combination?
Zheng Wang, Jennifer Moyseenko, and Matthew Kleinhenz in Vol. 23, No. 9, pg. 3
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Three Quick Points About Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies
Vol. 23, No. 7, pg. 2
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Three Things to Look for on Microbe-containing Biofertilizer and Biostimulant Labels
Julie Laudick, Zheng Wang, and Matt Kleinhenz in Vol. 23, No. 5, pp. 7-8
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Research Enhancing Fall-to-Spring High Value Leafy Vegetable Production
Susie Walden, Sonia Walker and Matt Kleinhenz in Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 5-6
Download PDF

Strip Tillage and Grafting in Vegetable Production – Results from 2015 and New Study in 2016
Zheng Wang in Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 3-4
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Strip Tillage and Grafting in Vegetable Production – Results from 2015 and New Study in 2016
Zheng Wang in Vol. 23, No. 2, pg. 2
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