Microbe-containing Products

There are many hundreds of microbial-based bioproducts. Each is advertised to have one or more effects on crops and soils. The current interface contains only a subset of microbial-based bioproducts. Each product in the database has five characteristics. One, it was included in the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Products List issued on October 23, 2018. Two, based on label contents, it contains at least one type of living or dormant microbe. Third, its primary advertised use is to enhance plant growth. Finally, the product can be found at the manufacturer’s website. Products lacking any of these characteristics are excluded. For example, products derived from but NOT containing microbes are excluded. Products advertised primarily to prevent or stop disease or pest issues are excluded. Information is incomplete for some products; information will be added as it becomes available and as resources allow. Product listings will be updated periodically as resources allow.

Other Essential Facts about the Database and its Use:
The OMRI Products List© are updated frequently. Products are removed from and added to OMRI lists often. The database includes products shown in the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Products List dated on October 23, 2018. Therefore, there is no guarantee that products shown in the current database will remain on the future OMRI Products Lists©. Growers should refer to the current OMRI Products List© and their certifier to verify that a product in the database can be used in certified organic production. We also make no claims about the efficacy of the products in the database.

Please note the names of individual microbes can have multiple spellings, depending on author. Microbe names at the interface are exactly as they appear in the October 23, 2018 OMRI Products List© and in manufacturer information. Also, products differ significantly in their composition, including the microbe(s) they contain. Please click here for two categorized lists, one focused on product composition and the other focused on the names of microbes in the products as the names typically appear in the scientific literature.

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Microbe-containing Products

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