Microbe-containing Bioproducts

Microbes and substances they produce affect crops profoundly. For some years, manufacturers and growers have attempted to capitalize on these effects in two broad ways. First, manufacturers look to identify microbes (or substances they produce) that may provide consistent benefits to growers. Manufacturers then work to offer formulations for delivering the beneficial microbes to crops. Second, growers purchase and use microbe-containing products. More products become available and more growers use a wider array of them each year. Still, selecting a microbe-containing product can be very difficult, partly because product information is inconsistent and difficult to find and apply effectively. Growers consistently report that greater access to credible, relevant and easy to use information is essential to their using microbe-containing products more often and effectively.

The interfaces (databases) available on this website were created to help address this need. We hope it helps you to select and use a microbe-containing product(s) more confidently.

Two interfaces are now currently available. To view these, click on the links listed below.

OMRI-listed Microbe-containing Products Advertised to Enhance Crop Growth

Microbe-containing Products Advertised for Greenhouse Floriculture Crops to Enhance Plant Growth