A Little on the What, Where, When and Who of the VPSL

For the VPSL, winter is passing quickly because of our full slate of research, extension and other activities. For example, TKS planting for 2012 was completed in December and we are now preparing for root and seed harvests and springtime planting. Also, tomato grafting studies are underway in the greenhouse while preparations for follow-up field and high tunnels studies continue. Seed for the NE1231 Potato Germplasm Enhancement and Variety Development project will also arrive soon. Data on the project and reports on potato clones and varieties are available online.

Likewise, regarding Extension, four fact sheets (HYG-1650-12, HYG-1651-12, HYG-1652-12, HYG-1653-12) on the measurement and management of Brix were recently prepared and a revised version of the Tomato Grafting Guide is near completion. The VPSL also participated in the recent grower-centered and organized Mid-Ohio Growers Meeting, which was an enormous success and an opportunity to connect with friends and collaborators. Please join the VPSL at these upcoming programs:


* OPGMA 2013 Congress (January 21-23; Sandusky, OH),

* Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention (January 29-31; Hershey, PA),

* High Tunnel Basics Workshop (February 8; Piketon,  OH),

* 34th Annual OEFFA Conference (February 16-17; Granville, OH),

* OSUE Muskingum County Fruit and Vegetable School (March 1; Zanesville, OH), and

* OSUE Small Farm Conference (March 9; Wilmington, OH).


The VPSL is also pleased to participate in upcoming classes and programs offered by Dr. Jourdan, Dr. Bennett and the OSU Student Farm, OSUE Cuyahoga County Urban Market Gardener Training Program  and the FoodService Systems Management Education Council.


We also welcome PhD student Bhizen Hu, M.S. and Visiting Scholar Dr. Tamana Bakht to the VPSL and OARDC. We are pleased and honored to have them with us. Also, the recent departure of Dr. Natalie Bumgarner is a distinct loss for the VPSL and OARDC in many ways but a terrific gain for CropKing, Inc. and its growers and partners. We wish Natalie well in her new position as Chief Horticulturist as she focuses on research, grower training and outreach.