Potato Chipping and Advanced Season Extension and Techniques Workshop

The VPSL contributes to multistate, multidisciplinary efforts to develop improved potato varieties for commercial use in the Eastern U.S. On November 9, we took a major step in the 2011 evaluation: the specific gravity and chipping quality of nearly ninety standard and experimental genotypes were assessed in a process depicted here and at our Facebook.
Participating in the OEFFA-Countryside Conservancy Advanced Season Extension and Techniques Workshop on November 7 was a very positive experience for the VPSL. Farmers and others from Ohio and nearby states gathered to trade observations and questions about all aspects of season extension, especially using low and high tunnels. Tunnel design, setup and management, production tools and equipment, crops and varieties, planting and harvesting schedules, soil and water management, marketing and other topics were discussed. We welcomed the opportunity to learn from others, especially Eliot Coleman, the featured speaker, and to provide an overview of the season extension options available to growers in the region.