Insect Monitoring Network Update 

The Integrated Pest Management Program along with OSU Extension educators across the state are monitoring for five key pests this season. Monitoring sites are set up on farmer’s fields across the state and will be updated weekly.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug – This insect will not be monitored for until late July though it is currently active in a broad range of specialty crops.

Spotted wing Drosophila – Two sites were set up this past week in Greene county. Several other county sites will be set up later this week. SWD detections will be reported next week.

European corn borer – Two sites were set up so far in South Charleston (Clark Co.) and Fremont (Sandusky Co.), both reporting 0 moths captured. Additional sites will start reporting next week.

Corn earworm – Four sites were set up so far in Clark, Sandusky, Fayette and Crawford counties. All sites reported capturing CEW moths except Sandusky County.

Squash vine borer – Five sites were currently set up in Clark, Greene, Ross, Seneca and Summit counties. All sites are reporting captures of SVB moths except for Seneca county.

Growers can access the monitoring data directly at this site.

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