Reminder – Pumpkin and Sunflower Field Day – August 25

For over 20 years The Ohio State University has held a pumpkin field day as a source of production and pest management information for both new and experienced growers. This year we will be adding some flair as we begin to tackle the production and pest management issues surrounding the popular trend of sunflower fields for photography and cut flowers as an additional source of revenue on diversified farms. For growers who want to learn about two popular fall attractions, pumpkins and sunflowers, this is a field day that can’t be missed.

Pumpkin and sunflower

The field day will be divided roughly in half, with the first hour focused on sunflower topics ranging from grower experiences in production (Matt Sullivan, grower) to impacts from the ag tourism perspective (Kate Hornyak, OSU). A nine-hybrid sunflower demo strip trial will be in various stages of bloom for attendees to walk through and examine.

The second hour will focus on pumpkin production and pest management, with presentations on managing pollinators in cucurbits (Ashley Leach, OSU), foliar fertilizers and plant nutrition (Bryan Reed, Sunrise), a review of powdery mildew fungicide management followed by a walk through the 24 pumpkin and squash hybrid trial (Jim Jasinski, OSU).

The field day will be held August 25 at the Western Ag Research Station, 7721 S. Charleston Pike, South Charleston Ohio. The field day will begin promptly at 5:30 PM and end at 7:30 PM. Pre-registration is required for attendance and there is a $5 charge per person for handouts and refreshments (and likely a few sunflowers).

Pre-register by Aug. 23 at this link:

More details are listed on the attached flyer.
Pumpkin and Sunflower 2022 Flyer

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