Alert – Corn Earworm Moth Numbers Running Very High!

On the heels of the VegNet blog article posted a few days ago (, corn earworm flights continue to be very high in southwest Ohio. In the past 10 days, over 1,000 moths have been trapped at the research station in South Charleston, including 424 moths caught from Friday (12th) through Monday (15th).

This pile is what 424 CEW moths looks like.

The Hartstack trap (large metal mesh) used at the research station is placed near fresh silking sweet corn which is very attractive to CEW moths and known to catch more moths than a Heliothis trap (white plastic mesh). Be sure to use the CEW management chart, which is based on the Heliothis trap, when making management decisions. Traps placed away from fresh silking corn will not catch as many moths.

These large moth flights have yet to be recorded in the northern county tier of traps in the network ( Growers who are running Hartstack or Heliothis type traps to manage their insecticide spray intervals are advised to check their traps every few days for the next few weeks.

CEW flights in monitoring network.

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