Spotted Wing Drosophila Back in Action

As expected, Covid-19 has slowed many things in Ohio but one of them is NOT spotted wing Drosophila! Ohio State University Extension, the Department of Entomology, and the IPM Program have again set up a statewide SWD monitoring program for this pest in 11 counties. The Scentry lure baited traps were deployed the week of June 15, and the first trap checks for positive male or female SWD occurred this week.

SWD trap.

As of Friday June 26, three counties reported positive identifications of SWD; Champaign, Greene and Franklin. Other counties are likely positive but have not been reported as of yet. Recall that the threshold for this pest is one fly, which triggers an insecticide spray program if the berries are ripening or ripe through harvest. Details on spray programs can be found here:

If you have ripe berries and have not been spraying, your chance of infestation is still likely low but you may consider looking for larvae in the fruit using a salt water test. The process is fairly simple and can be found here:  While on the OSU IPM YouTube site look around at our other SWD videos if interested in identification, trap set up and deployment or exclusion netting.


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