OSU Plant Disease Diagnostic Services for Commercial Vegetables Will Resume April 13

Septoria leaf spot on tomato transplants

The OSU Vegetable Pathology Lab will resume plant disease diagnostic services in Wooster on Monday April 13 on a limited basis (see below). This service is provided at no cost to Ohio commercial vegetable growers. Dr. Francesca Rotondo will carry out the usual diagnostic procedures during the limited time she is in the lab. If possible, please contact us with digital samples before sending physical samples:

  1. Send photos or short videos that represent the problem via text or email to Dr. Sally Miller (330-466-5249/miller.769@osu.edu) AND Dr. Francesca Rotondo (865-640-5621/rotondo.11@osu.edu).  If we can’t diagnose the problem from the digital samples we will ask you to send a physical sample.  Growers who can’t access/don’t use digital technology should call Dr. Miller or Dr. Rotondo.
  2. No drop-off samples can be accepted. Ship samples Monday through Thursday via overnight delivery (USPS, FedEx, UPS or other courier) to the OSU Vegetable Pathology Lab, c/o Dr. Francesca Rotondo, 234 Selby Hall, 1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, OH 44691 (330-466-5249).

Please see the Vegetable Pathology Lab website before sending samples, for more information and to access the Plant Sample Submission Form.

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