SWD and BMSB monitoring updates (by Jim Jasinski & Celeste Welty)

The OSU IPM Program and Department of Entomology faculty have been working together to set up an expanded statewide monitoring network for both Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) and Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD), especially in those counties that have not yet positively found and identified these two new pests.

The BMSB network has been up and running at several sites since mid May.  The clear sticky traps (picture below) are baited with two lures and placed along wooded edges of crop fields, a place where the stink bugs are active before invading a field. To date, 25 of the 38 sites have reported catching at least one BMSB at their location, 3 sites have reported zero catch of BMSB, and no reports are yet posted for 10 sites.  The levels of infestation are fairly low at all sites but are likely to increase as the crops develop. We will keep you informed if there are changes. Take a look at the trap counts, by county,  here. Until this past week, only adult BMSB were being found on traps and in crops, but now we are finding young nymphs as well as adults. BMSB have been found in bell peppers, sweet corn, and peaches in Columbus this past week.

The SWD network has been up and running at most sites since the first week of June. Scentry jar traps (picture below) baited with Scentry lures and with diluted apple cider vinegar as the drowning solution are used at all sites, in plantings of raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, peach, and strawberry. Typically two traps are placed per field, one at the edge and one in the interior of the field. To date, 16 sites have reported on their catch, showing that SWD has been detected at 4 sites (Clinton, Franklin, Greene, and Wayne Counties), and zero SWD at 12 sites. An additional 10 sites have not yet reported their results. Although it is still early in the growing season, this is a lower incidence level compared to this time of the season in the past few years.  We’ll continue to update this blog as the SWD population builds. Take a look at the trap totals here.

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