What Are the Most Worrisome Diseases in Your Vegetable Crops?

Many specialty crop growers are aware of the USDA IR-4 Minor Use Program, which works to promote registration of products for  pest, disease and weed management in “minor use” crops – including vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, among others.  The US IR-4 Program will participate in a Global Minor Use Summit in Canada later this year, and is asking for help in identifying the most important priorities among growers worldwide.  This is a good opportunity to voice your opinion about the diseases, pests and weeds that are your greatest concern and for which labeled products are needed to manage the disease.  In some cases this is a matter of expanding labels that include other crops, while in others it may involve research to find a solution to a problem.

For example, bacterial diseases such as bacterial spot and bacterial canker in tomatoes, are very difficult to manage in the field, and therefore can cause significant losses.  There are no highly effective products available, so research is needed.  

Please take the time in the next ten days to let us know what you think are the most important crop/disease, pest or weed priorities on your farm or community.  Which are the ones that keep you awake at night? You can send me an email at miller.769@osu.edu or reply in the Comment section below.

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