What Is It?

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Tomato DiseasesLeaf Mold

Leaf Mold



  • An olive-green to gray velvety growth appears on the undersides of older leaves.
  • Pale green lesions coalesce into larger yellowish-brown lesions.
  • The leaves then become very chlorotic and curl.
  • Defoliation occurs and the plant eventually dies.

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  • On the fruit, symptoms may appear as bronze lesions.
  • A leathery rot forms with irregular margins on the stem-end.

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Favorable Environmental Conditions

  • Temperatures between 40 – 94°F.
  • Relative humidity > 85%.
  • Excess water on foliage.

Often Confused With

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Scouting Notes

  • Scout on the undersides of older leaves for olive-green to grey velvety growth.
  • Look for general plant decline, leaf chlorosis and premature leaf drop on older leaves.