Bacterial Leaf Spot of Tomato

What Is It? | Facts in Depth | For the Professional Diagnostician

M. L. Lewis & S. A. Miller

Bacterial leaf spot is caused by four species of Xanthomonas. It infects all varieties of tomato and in the Midwest it causes moderate to severe damage on tomato fruit making then non-marketable due to quality issues. Symptoms include leaf lesions with yellowing and large crusty spots on the fruit. An integrated approach to disease management is essential to minimizing disease risk.

Available Fact Sheets (pdf)

English: Bacterial Leaf Spot Fact Sheet
Español: Mancha Foliar Bacteriana Del Tomate

Scientific Name

Four species of Xanthomonas cause bacterial leaf spot of tomato.

  • Xanthomonas euvesicatoria
  • Xanthomonas vesicatoria
  • Xanthomonas perforans
  • Xanthomonas gardneri

Host Crops

  • Tomato, Field
  • Bell Pepper

Images of Bacterial Leaf Spot on Tomatoes.