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Garlic & Onion Diseases | Garlic Bloat Nematode

Garlic Bloat Nematode



  • Begin as slightly discolored, but eventually become very dark in color
  • Soft and exhibit cracking
  • Basal plate also can be easily separated
  • Slightly reduced roots

Bloat Nematode IMG_4385 50 QUALITY Bloat Nematode IMG_4387 50 QUALITY Bloat Nematode IMG_4388 50 QUALITY


  • Leaf splitting, stunting, curled or twisted leaves
  • Stem softening/collapse and leaf swelling
  • Plants exhibit pre-mature defoliation

Favorable Environmental Conditions

  • Warm, moist soils
  • Nematodes spread by rain and irrigation

Often Confused With

  • Fusarium basal rot

Scouting Notes

Monitor for discoloration, distortion, and pre-mature drop of foliage in plant clusters, which enlarge as the pathogen spreads from plant to plant after periods of rain or wetness.