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Welcome to the Energy-Efficient Circuits and Systems (EECS) Lab! Vanessa Chen is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University. Her research is focused on low-power cognitive interfaces for world-to-information computing. Her work spans the design of high-performance data converters, bio-inspired computing, ubiquitous sensory interfaces, as well as hardware-based cybersecurity. She is actively looking for highly-motivated talents to join the lab (details).

Vanessa Chen
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
203 Caldwell Labs | 2024 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210
Email: chen.7237 at osu.edu | Phone: (614)292-2848


News (Archive)

  • 2018/12: Prof. Chen has been selected to receive the NSF CAREER Award for “Bio-Inspired Sensory Interfaces Incorporating Embedded Classification and Encryption”. The 5-year $500,000 CAREER Award is one of the most prestigious awards from the National Science Foundation for early-career faculty in science and engineering. (ECE news link) (onCampus Today link) (CoE news link)
  • 2018/11: Congratulations to Jack on passing his Ph.D. candidacy exam, moving toward dissertation completion!
  • 2018/01: Jack is selected to receive the Analog Devices Outstanding Student Designer Award for excellence in IC design. The award will be presented at the 2018 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). Congrats Jack! (ECE news link) (onCampus Today link)
  • 2017/08: Jack presented the reconfigurable data converter work at  MWSCAS 2017. (link)
  • 2017/06: Prof. Chen has been highlighted in the Ohio State news, onCampus Today. (link)
  • 2017/05: Prof. Chen has been highlighted in the ECE news. (link)
  • 2016/12: Prof. Chen has been selected to participate in the REACH for Commercialization 2017 Cohort.
  • 2016/10: The Energy-Efficient Circuits and Systems (EECS) Lab was founded by Prof. Chen.

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