Psychology 2301 Blog Post 2: The Conspiracy of Rothschild Family

According to the 20/80 rule, 20% of people possessing 80% of the money in the world. However, through the famous book about Rothschild family “The Money Master,” it gained the public’s attention that the rule does not apply for them because they seemed to control 80% money in the world for 200 years. Their $500 trillion assets helped them to influence the financial markets and governments in many nations.

The family starts from Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his five sons. Mayer earned and accumulated his earliest asset quickly during the Napoleonic Wars. He gained the 3 million British pounds from the British government and sent his five sons to five countries in Europe to start their bank business. Gradually, they became the top influencer in Europe because they buy and sell nation debts during and after the war. Indeed, they have enough money to impact the war by sponsoring money to the armies and nations. More importantly, they made most of their money by doing war-business.

Since the family was keeping a low profile after the book debunking the family history came out, lots of legends of the Rothschild family were broadcasted and correlates with the conspiracies after. In America, it was saying that: “Morgan family has the Democratic Party, the Rockefeller family has the Republican Party, and the Rothschild family holds both of them.” The family became more and more mystery and it caused the imagination that Rothschild is always behind of kinds of conspiracies.

It also brings professionals doubts on the amount of asset under this family’s account. Although the family is very discrete about their wealth and operation to the public, the $500 trillion is never easy to hide from the world. In addition, if they had $500 trillion in 200 years, based on the 6% inflation rate, it would be a huge number now. Also, the world’s total wealth was estimated at only $250 trillion four years ago.

Fortunately, more people nowadays regard the book as a novel because of the bizarre stories and exaggerated numbers. There are many settings in the book about Rothschild family that do not make any sense when we have basic knowledge about the economy, it is easy to spot what is truth and what is a fabrication. What was involved in this conspiracy about Rothschild is augment from ignorance. Rothschild family’s myth of wealth is something cannot be proved, so people who make up the conspiracy would insist their point until the family shows the public their bank deposit.



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15 thoughts on “Psychology 2301 Blog Post 2: The Conspiracy of Rothschild Family

  1. Hello!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post! If this were to be true that would be so crazy! When you said 500 trillion, I think about the debt the county is in, maybe we owe it to the Rothchild family?? (LOL). I think it would be highly unlikely that there is this large of money somehow being kept under wraps. I feel as though banking and online connections would uncover this but it is an interesting concept! You gave a lot of interesting evidence but I would guess this theory is incorrect. Great post!!

  2. I think it would be insane for one family to have so much money and be able to hide it from anyone. Especially for so many years. However, its interesting to see that as people began to better understand the economy, they realized the book was nothing more than a novel. With all other blog post that I have been reading, people that have the belief seem to just add more and more to the theory. However, it seems this one was just straight to the point and as people got resources, they realized their mistake. I think with this point just like you mentioned in the blog, when there was no info rumors just spread. It seems it was just a lack on info.

  3. A family have some much money would always invite some dispute. It’s hard to imagine where all those money come from. But I think the huge amount of wealth might be only part of the reason of the conspiracy. I’ve read that Rothschild family has show their support to Zionism in public. Maybe some controversy politician conflicts are also result the spread of this conspiracy.

  4. This was so interesting! It sounds near impossible that a family would be able to sustain so much wealth in today’s traceable society. It would take countless channels and institutions to keep that sort of money in order, and yet it sounds like there is not much evidence to show this process.

  5. It is almost crazy to think that this family could have that much money, 500 trillion! I’m surprised that I have never heard of this family even though they supposedly have this much of the worlds money in their possession. Did any of your research suggest that they are somehow associated with the Illuminati. By having that much money I can definitely see people connecting them with that other conspiracy.

  6. I agree, I think it would be crazy for one family to hide their total wealth for years. If they did have this much money, I think its a shame to hide it. You could donate a trillion dollars towards something like cancer research and it wouldn’t make a dent in you’re wealth. If you are that wealthy, you should use your money for good.

  7. So fun. Everyone believes that would commit that it is kinda irrational, but it’s hard to deny that. Such legends really fit our desire that large wealth is hidden somewhere.

  8. The idea of one singular family having access that that kind of wealth is dumbfounding. How would it be possible for the rest of the world’s money to circulate around the rest of the population, knowing that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of other millionaires and wealthy people in the world. That kind of money cannot stay hidden for so long without someone either recognizing that it is missing or finding it (in cash or through other belongings).

  9. One of the common threads we see in these conspiracies is that they are centered on typically-clandestine activities – and generally negative activities – such as war, which I think is one way that people try to come to terms with the fact that their nation is at war. For example, the people of Europe can reduce their dissonance by blaming the war on the Rothschild family, rather than feeling like they were part of the problem.

  10. I think it’s impossible for a family holding 500 trillion since this number is big enough to influence the worldwide markets if they want. Besides, I don’t understand why the Rothschild Family wants to hide this money. If the money cannot use, it is just a piece of paper. I will donate the money that I cannot use. In this sense, the Rothschild Family can let the public know you are a philanthropist, also they can use the money without any concern.

  11. The Rothschild family popped up in my research into David Icke because of the anti-Semitic tendencies to blame prominent Jewish families like theirs for crimes and historical events. I would not be surprised if anti-Semitism makes up the vast majority of the motivation for the spread of this extraordinary belief, whether in its inception or those who follow it in the modern day. It’s also strange that these same levels of suspicion are not applied to equally wealthy and influential people like the Koch Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos.

  12. To me, the idea that any one family can be worth nearly double the wealth of the entire world seems absolutely absurd. It’s also interesting that you mention the 20/80 rule. I actually just learned about this in my Psychology of Motivation class. In my class, it is defined in this manner: If we worked on the two most important goals we had out of a list of 10, then we would progress exponentially. If one works on the top 20% of their most important goals, they will receive the greatest payoffs.

  13. I find it so wild that a family would willingly broadcast ownership of THAT much money– I mean think of all the horrible things people do for a payout that’s far far far less than that. I feel like if it were true, the family would make quite a few enemies just out of sheer greed. Great post!

  14. I dont know how one family could hide that much money and for no one else to find especially since he had businesses all over the world. With that much wealth you could do way more for the earth than to fund wars. I feel like with that much money they could do so much more good for the earth than fund wars. Why start a war when you could end world hunger? I really enjoyed learning about this conspiracy theory. I have never heard of this before and to think that one family owns 80% of the world money and no one knows.

  15. This is an interesting conspiracy. I am not from America, so I am not too familiar with wealthy and impactful families in the past, but the fact that they supposedly hide trillions of dollars is crazy. If they would actually hide it, what would be their greater goal behind it or wouldn’t they want to donate or do something good for this world is a question I am asking myself.

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