Zecharia Sitchin and Our Alien Anecestors

Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) studied Economics at the University of London and was best known for his fringe theories on the origins of Earth and man-kinds celestial ancestry (alien ancestry). According to his official website, www.sitchin.com, he is “one of few scholars able to read and interpret ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets.” His interpretations and theories were compiled into his seven books known as The Earth Chronicles. In his first novel, The 12th Planet and its sequels Sitchin claims there is a 12th planet beyond Neptune known as Nibiru that reaches our inner solar system once every 3,600 years. According to Sitchin, an advanced race of human-like extraterrestrials called the Anunnaki live on Nibiru and are the missing link in Homo sapiens evolution. There have been no new postings on Sitchins official webpage since 2017 but some 4,126 people follow the Zecharia Sitchin Facebook page which continues to make posts to this day. Additionally, Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into almost 20 languages so his influence is certainly noteworthy. The belief in Zecharia Sitchin and what he professed is important because it attempts to provide an answer to some of humanities timeless questions, namely, “Why are we here?” and “How did we come to be here?” However, his explanations provide an extraordinary answer because they contradict our current knowledge regarding our solar system and the celestial bodies found therein and cannot be scientifically proven nor disproven as the only evidence is based upon subjective interpretations.

The Annunaki arrived on Earth 450,000 years ago looking for minerals, namely gold which they began mining in Africa. When Anunnaki miners became displeased with working conditions it was decided that Anunnaki genes and Homo erectus genes would be engineered to create slaves to replace the miners, thus resulting in Homo sapiens, or man-kind as we know it. The evidence sited in support of this belief can be found through a link on the Facebook page which takes you to a website called, enkispeaks.com. There we see evidence quoted from his first book which included varies statements pertaining to Sumerian space maps which showed planets which would have been beyond their ability to detect. “Sumerians lacked telescopes and couldn’t see Uranus’ and Neptune’s orbits the route maps (from Nibiru to Earth) show. Nibirandictated maps prove they had astronomical info Sumerians, on their own, didn’t. The maps accurately detail the entire Earth from space, a perspective impossible for ancient Sumerians on their own.” (Sitchin 275) This map was discovered on a clay tablet in the ruins of the Royal Library at Nineva. Additionally, on Sitchin’s official website there is an article pertaining to an article published in Science magazine by Mathieu Ossendrijver in January 2016 which discusses a 350-50 BCE Babylonian cuneiform tablet that accurately details the position of Jupiter based on geometrical calculations. This article is offered as evidence for the planetary knowledge of ancient civilizations that they were not expected to have, so it therefore is assumed to have come from the Anunnaki. In opposition to these beliefs we see experts such as Dr. Michael S. Heiser who holds a Ph.D in the Hebrew Bible and Semetic Languages posing critical questions to Sitchin regarding his interpretations of the Sumerian texts. Heiser asserts that while Anunnaki is indeed found in Sumerian Literature (182 times, according to Heiser) there is no mention of a connection between them and Nibiru, or a 12th planet. Heiser also questions Sitchin’s reasoning for interpreting Sumerian words such as “naphal” to mean fire, or rockets which leads to an interpretation of the word “Nephilim” to mean “people of the fiery rockets.” Heiser asserts that his interpretation of this word is without accurate explanation nor is there a single, ancient text where naphal has that meaning.

Zecharia Sitchin’s lack of a formal education in Semitic Studies likely led to an inaccurate and therefore misinformed reading of the Sumerian texts. One could argue he suffered from confirmation bias as he moved through the literature distorting the meaning of certain words in an ignorant effort to fit his beliefs. Furthermore, we see a section on Sitchin’s official website discussing a Washington Post article from November 2017 wherein the senior scientist of NASA, David Morrison, PH.D states that Nibiru is not real and that there is no 10th planet. The author of the website responds with a red herring stating that, “he [Morrison] just wants to get on with his real work and not worry about answering questions.” This in no way addresses Morrison’s statement nor does it provide evidence that argues against it.

My first introduction to Zecharia Sitchin and his books was through my parents who are both dis-fellowshipped Jehovah’s Witnesses. After leaving “the truth” my parents were in search of a new truth that answered the big questions that their previous faith no longer did. However anecdotal I imagine many previously religious people who are no longer sure of their belief in a traditional God could find themselves drawn to the appearance of science in Sitchin’s books. As more secular voices are made heard through the internet there is an increasing availability for confirmation bias among belief communities, as well as increased access to “bad science” with no guide posts for truth. Sitchin’s theories are appealing to those who now seek a more “scientific” answer to questions that were previously answered by religion. Moreso, Sitchin relies on texts such as the Bible (Genesis) which may be an added comfort to new believers as it is already familiar. Furthermore, Sitchin’s books being translated into over 20 languages bridges communication gaps and widens the base of believers to extend beyond a single region or language.

Even after Sitchin’s death in 2010 “scientific evidence” for his books was still being shared on his website up until 2017 and many other scholars have written about his work and have added their own supportive evidence as seen through the Zecharia Sitchin Facebook page. This ongoing dialogue could provide believers with comfort and assurance that what they’ve put stock in is continually “proven” and discussed by those seen as experts, even to this day.


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  1. So, this is super random, but one of my favorite things about the various and sundry alien-related theories is the crazy names they come up for the aliens and the planets they live on. Did any of your research indicate how he came up with the names “Nibiru” and “Anunnaki?”

  2. I have heard a lot about Zecharia Sitchin, his work is usually critiqued for his flawed methodologies, when I was looking into him most critiques say that he mistransalated the texts, which led to wrong claims about extraterrestrials. His book got critics from Prof. Ronald H. Fritze, who was the author of False History, Fake Science and Pseudo-religions, according to whom his methodology was faulty.

  3. Wow this was fascinating, I can’t believe I had never heard of him and his theories before! It’s amazing what people will claim to be the truth and publish, and how many people will believe it. I’m sure though many people are drawn to him because of his supposed answers to questions like “why are we here” and the meaning of life.

  4. This is something that I had never heard of before. Did sitchin ever give public talks while he was alive? He had to have some sort of public performances that would definitely be interesting to hear. I also wonder who was continuing to post on his website for 7 years, before ultimately deciding to stop in 2017? It is unfortunate that some people may happen on his books and believe in them, even though they have 0 evidence to back them up.

    • I was curious, so I did a bit of digging and found that Sitchin was a frequent guest on a radio talk show and even obtained a lifetime achievement award from the hosts because they liked him so much. Regardless of how pseudoscientific his research and claims are, I find his lengthy and detailed website extremely dedicated, which is why he may have such a following.

  5. I am curious to know what credibility Sitchin has to claim that he is one of few people that is qualified to translate ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets. I am also wondering what his reasoning is for these claims and what information he was provided with to make such statements. The claims are fascinating to read the say the least. I had never heard of him before or had any previous knowledge of his work. This was a really interesting post thank you for sharing!

  6. I have never heard about Sitchin before, but I am curious how can he read the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets. Sumerian language is completely isolated language, and no one can say he has the confidence to understanding the words on the tablet. Sitchin even claims he found that there was Anunnaki lived on the land. I think “why are we here” is more like a philosophy question, and it cannot be explain in a subjective interpretations

  7. According to your post, I know that Sitchin is such an interesting guy. Just like many other ‘scholars’ whom only recognized as wise by themselves. They despise the formal education, saying that put limit to people’s creativity and imagination. However, every time they launch some new discovery, the most falseness people would find is their nonstandard methodology. And this non-traditional education consequence would lead them to a wrong direction in the end.

  8. I feel like Zecharia Sitchin took advantage of the whole argument of evolution to insert
    Anunnaki as the missing link in Homosapiens evolution. I feel like the whole argument on evolution is always connected to the ideas of “Why are we here?” I’ve never heard of this before so I find it very interesting how he has such a following. However, people always want answers for “life’s biggest questions” so I feel like its no surprise that they kept this belief around he after he died.

  9. Hello!
    This was a topic that I have never heard about ever before! I think its interesting that you shared your personal experience and connection to this belief! I did not have any prior knowledge on this belief system but the fact that the ideas and books are translated into so many languages shows the outreach it has. I think in modern culture, people are trying to make sense of the world and combine the knowledge in technology with faith. I think this was a great example of that and I really enjoyed reading the information you gathered!!

  10. Just like above in some of the comments, I found Zecharia Sitchin’s lengthy reports on Nibiru and Anunnaki to be surprising! No wonder he has such a following when it comes to what he believes in. At the same time I really want to know how he came up with the labels for this crazy mysterious planet and its inhabitants. Also, how was it concluded that this “planet” reaches our solar system every 3,600 years? is this some arbitrary amount of time? Or is their some sort of evidence that explains this amount of time?

  11. Many people try and answer philosophical questions of how and why the human race was created. Like many other theories of our creation, the idea of evolution and purpose are reoccurring themes. Maybe one day, through more research, anthropologists can confirm or deny Zecharia’s claims.

  12. Read LLoyd Pye’s book ‘Everything You Know Is Wrong’. It gives a great overview of Sitchin’s beliefs and answers many of the questions asked here about the Annunaki, Nibiru, 3600 year orbit etc. Very interesting read.

  13. There are those so called “scholars” who because they have a degree deem themselves so smart. They are working overtime to discredit Sitchin who is a true scholar.

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