Ancient Alien Architects

The ancient alien architect theory is one that has held a lot of the publics’ attention through the years. The general idea is that years ago, aliens visited our planet and assisted our ancestors in building the great monuments of their time. The Egyptian pyramids, Mayan Temples, Angkor Wat, and Easter Island are a few examples that this theory ties in to. This theory is popular among many people, and not exclusive to those who are ill-informed or uneducated. Rather, it is widely held by “average” individuals seeking explanation or understanding of an uncertain and curious past (Killgrove, 2015).

The popularity of the ancient alien architect theory has grown to great prevalence. This popularity must be mostly attributed to the televised phenomena of shows such as History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”. Other sources of information on the topic are found on websites such as “”, and pseudo-archaeology books like Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods’, and Andrew Collins’ Gobekli Tepe; Genesis of the Gods (Killgrove, 2015). No matter the popularity of the theory, it is indeed extraordinary. The belief in the ancient alien architect theory defies all bounds of modern scientific knowledge; rejecting the traditionally accepted requirements for a legitimate scientific theory. There is no physical or historical proof that provides definitive evidence to support the theory, and yet it holds. No matter your personal opinion on the theory, it is undeniably rampant, controversial, and extraordinary.

For those who hold stock in the ancient alien architect theory, explanations abound. For example, at the time at which so many of the ancient monuments in question were built, our perception of the “necessary” technology was not yet invented. This begs the question, as to how our ancestors managed such a feat. Additionally, many of the monuments (Egyptian Pyramids, Easter Island Heads, etc.), have curiously precise alignment with the stars and patterns of the sun. Without telescopes or geometric equipment, this type of precision seems highly unlikely for humans to muster on their own (Jones, 2016). Interpretations of cave etchings and hieroglyphics seem to reveal images of helicopter-type vehicles and structures reminiscent of a flying saucer. Had our ancestors not been visited by ancient alien architects, how and why would these images appear (Jones, 2016)? Lastly, there is undeniable similarity between structures that were built hundred and thousands of years and miles apart (Mayan Temples and Egyptian pyramids) (Jones, 2016). Without ever having seen these other locations, how did our ancestors duplicate them? To those who accept the ancient alien architect theory, it seems that the only logical explanation to these mysteries was the visitation of higher-intelligence race of aliens.

On the other hand, there are many who reject the idea of the ancient alien architect theory. From a technological standpoint, it is true that scientists are still working on figuring out how exactly our ancestors managed such large architectural feats. However, modern discoveries and research has uncovered explanations and theories based in legitimate scientific processes. For example, a recent study based out of Egypt lead to the discovery that water can be utilized to make the transportation of heavy blocks easier (Jarus, 2016). This sheds light of the question as to how our ancestors managed to move such heavy objects without modern day technology. Circumpolar stars, such as Polaris, and lines of rope could have been utilized as a method of aligning the buildings so precisely with star patterns (Jarus, 2016). While scientists and archaeologists acknowledge that these actions would have been difficult, they would not have been impossible. Documents and building plans have been found in places such as Egypt as well, describing the large work forces utilized in these projects (Jarus, 2016).  For those who reject the theory, they see no actual evidence of its claims. They seek proof in traditional and logical scientific process.

Those who believe the ancient alien architect theory are not alone. Believers come from every walk of life, every age, and every socioeconomic status. There is a social fascination with the topic, and it is widely popular across many platforms. Social media, television shows, blogs, and even support groups devoted to the theory allow believers to hold strong. The prevalence of the show “Ancient Aliens” undoubtedly attracts many to this theory. Movies like “The Day after Tomorrow” and “Independence Day”, while not focused primarily on alien architects, promote fascination with alien conceptualization. All of these platforms make it hard to ignore the topic, and allow believers more and more outlets to solidify their convictions.

When considering the psychological explanations that may account for belief in such a theory, a few come to mind. Ad Ignorantum refers to the idea that something must be true, if it is not proven false. This is key in the mind of a believer. Instead of saying “let me show you proof”, they instead say “show me proof this isn’t true”. Hasty generalization is key as well. Jumping to a conclusion based of insufficient evidence is found is nearly every claim within the ancient alien architect theory. This ties in with the slippery-slope idea as well. A small idea is conjured, and instead of analyzing or trying to disprove it, the idea snowballs into an entire theory. For example, when considering the issue of how the pyramids were built, some argue that hieroglyphics found on site resemble helicopters (Jones, 2016). A believer assumes this to mean that a helicopter-type vehicle was present, and since humans did not have that kind of technology, they then assume that an extraterrestrial visitor must have brought it. And so, if they were present, they must have been helping with the construction of the seemingly impossible pyramid construction. Instead of accepting alternate explanations, a generalized theory is created, and seemingly explains the mystery.

These psychological explanations account for why so many fall into this belief pattern. It seems nearly impossible to reject an idea when everything seemingly “fits”. The characteristics of pseudoscience are tricky, and can make almost any issue believable. Humans seek explanation, and the comfort of understanding. When tackling an issue such as these ancient marvels, it is natural to search for any explanation, because it defies what we see as possible. This is where the ancient alien architect theory gains so much attention, and how it continues to spread.








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13 thoughts on “Ancient Alien Architects

  1. If you were forced to pick one architectural wonder that is mostly likely to have been built by aliens, which one would you choose? (Note: I ask this for fun, not because I think aliens actually built any of them haha)

    • My favorite has to be Angkor Wat, situated in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is the largest temple in the whole world. According to how much I know about it, it was built for the worship of lord Vishnu (the main god in Hindu mythology) but gradually transformed into a Buddhist temple. It’s beauty mesmerizes people. The flora in the surrounding and the water comes perfectly together and pleases people visually.

  2. I think it is interesting how this belief just dismisses the idea that perhaps our ancestors were indeed intelligent. Rather than finding plausible explanations for how we did it, we conclude that we couldn’t have instead.

    • I was just thinking that same things. It totally discredits all the amazing architectural feats our ancestors completed! Just because we still aren’t quite certain how they managed to build these structures doesn’t mean they were incapable of doing so.

  3. I have only one problem with this theory. After all the hard work our ancestors put in to make this world a beautiful place, I just can’t stand that people are doubtful about their skills. By supporting this theory we are disrespecting those who actually made these beautiful structures. It’s sad that there efforts are being dismissed and doubted.

  4. The belief that ancient aliens built these incredible structures and not humans is very problematic for me. It reminds me of how white settlers in America once believed that the large ancient mound structures that are scattered across America must have been built by a mysterious race of humans and not the indigenous peoples who populated the land before them. This stems from a racist perspective, but it makes me concerned that people can’t believe that humans in our past were capable of incredible things! Do you know if any well renowned archaeologists believe in this theory?

  5. I love that this theory centers around the idea that our human ancestors were too stupid to be capable of such great structures. The premise is that this work is too precise and difficult, therefore the obvious conclusion is that extraterrestrial beings must have helped complete them. If only our ancestors had written down the step-by step instructions as proof that they created them.

  6. How did the ancient people build a large monument like The Egyptian pyramids is always a mystery. I think the ancient ancestors get help from the Alien should be the most persuasive explanation. The work is too much for the current people with advanced technology, and it’s almost impossible to made by ancient technology. But it is also possible that ancient people can use their unique skill to finish this work without advanced technology.

  7. Hello!
    Great choice for a blog post! I remember talking about this topic in class and our discussion on it. I think it is amazing the buildings and architecture that ancient people were capable of. I definitely think though because we do not understand the exact reasons, people have come to believe wild reasons for the occurrences. I think giving the credit to aliens for all the wonderful things man has created defeats the purpose of the beauty of many different architectural pieces. I think until proven wrong, our ancestors must have been creative and figured amazing ways to create!!

  8. I wonder why people think that out ancestors were indeed dumb just because they weren’t advanced. Of course, with advancement came convenience as well as knowledge but there they still knew basic things that we know like how fire can hurt someone or things float in water. I wonder if people with this belief just decided to rule out religion. Could it be the helicopter figure on the hieroglyphics was a metaphor or a form of religious beliefs or gods?

  9. I think people who believe aliens were the source of ancient architecture is kind of offensive to human kind. I mean just look at how advanced society is. Also when people think it is unlikely that humans all over the world could have thought of similar building methods, I think this is a little ignorant. People often have the same ideas, I mean thats what patents are for right? It is not uncommon that a civilization would have found a successful way to build something from trial and error and another civilization would have discovered a similar method to build something also through trial and error.

  10. There are indeed architectural wonders in this world, which scientist to this day have trouble explaining. Often when that happens, when there is not an explanation yet, people tend to belief that something extraordinary must have caused it. I am as well amazed when looking at those wonders and I hope one day we can discover how they got created.

  11. The television show is where I first discovered the theories of ancient aliens. Like we saw in class, people make claims of aliens and have stories they discuss in different documentaries, but that’s all they have… stories. It is, however, curious as to how our ancestors were able to create such imaginative archeology. The “Seven Man-made Wonders of the World” have always fascinated me and I am curious as to how it was all possible, I just don’t think it was aliens.

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