Behind the Belief: Lizard People

According to the lizard people theory, bloodthirsty reptilian aliens first arrived on earth in ancient times. Since then, these beings have been merging with humans through the manipulation of DNA, as well as interbreeding with the human population. The goal of this process was to gain control of the world by obtaining positions of power and influence: royalty, politicians, popular entertainers, etc. Approximately 4% of Americans believe in the lizard people theory, one of the most notable theorists being David Icke. Icke has written several books in which he provides evidence and further explanation. This theory seems to have been most popular in the early 2000s with a steady number of believers remaining to this day. If this theory were true, then the human race is being manipulated by an elite group of shapeshifting reptiles. Although fascinating, this claim seems rather impossible.

A simple way to prove the existence of lizard people is by recognizing the ones among us. Philip Bump’s article, “How to Spot the Reptilians Running the U.S. Government.”, provides a helpful summary of common characteristics: low blood pressure, random scars, a great love for space and science, an eye color of green, hazel, or blue (which may change at any time), and more. Further evidence exists in the form of video: slowing down or pausing can sometimes reveal a glimpse of individuals shapeshifting. However, the staff members of Inverse point out that this “shapeshifting” is really a glitch, or “compression artifact”: a common occurrence when using VHS tapes. Nonetheless, other evidence exists to support the theory. For example, the TopTenz channel discusses Icke’s findings of lizard people references within Bible passages: a serpent tricking Eve into eating the apple, the Nephilim interbreeding with humans, Satan’s characterization as a serpent or dragon-like being.

Icke’s interpretations of passages in the Bible seem to play a large role in this belief system. Given these phrases were rather ambiguous in the first place, it would be easy for Icke to connect them to his theory. With confirmation bias taking place in this form, it could be said that this is a misinterpretation of evidence. Therefore, followers of the theory who are exposed to this “evidence” are misinformed. Another example of a misinterpretation is the aforementioned video glitch that makes people look like they are “shapeshifting”.

This belief system is mainly supported by average Americans. Since they have no considerable control over the economy or government, it is easy to direct mistrust to those in power. This is especially true when individuals in charge make mistakes, or if the believers personally dislike them. Little opposition from society also encourages believers.  Given the popularity of conspiracy theories in general, it may feel acceptable for people to participate in the lizard people theory as well.

The lizard people theory is heavily reinforced by confirmation bias; Icke has been able to mold evidence in favor of his hypothesis. Furthermore, those who have become attached to Icke’s point of view have also developed the ability to interpret supporting information from vague sources. This belief system may also be connected to a desire for structure out of randomness. It is easier to explain how our world leaders managed to gain such positions of power by linking them to a specific group. This process possibly provides a sense of comfort to the believers; they can imagine having power over the leaders by “knowing” their true identities. It should be noted that the lizard people theory is not popular by comparison to other theories. Therefore, a number of Icke’s followers are likely motivated by a desire to feel unique. With these factors in mind, it is no wonder why many are captivated by the lizard people theory.



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21 thoughts on “Behind the Belief: Lizard People

  1. This is such a weird theory, and I love it! If there was one person in a position of power who would be most likely to be a lizard person, who do you think it would be?

    • I’m not sure why, but I feel like Trump would be an ideal lizard person. He doesn’t belong in politics, yet he managed to secure the presidency for himself. I think there’s just something about his mannerisms too, though I can’t quite put my finger on it. On the other hand, I’m fond of the idea of Queen Elizabeth II being a lizard person; it’s pretty amusing to me. Would you agree?

    • Oh my god, I wanted to say Trump too, but since someone already said that, I think Marilyn Manson would be a suitable lizard person. But I have to say no one could beat Trump.

    • Me. I recently discovered that I am one of them .
      Ever since I was a kid I traveled to many dimensions I couldn’t understand what was going so I blocked that out of my mind everyone in my family thought that I had mental problems so to seem normal I left that chapter of my life alone . When I’ve turned 26 everything started happening again I did a lots of drugs I think that triggered it I thought I was going crazy I lost sense of reality I’ve overdosed 7 times I was able to go so so many dimensions I couldn’t understand so I’ve recovered for my own well being and state of mind left that chapter of my life alone again for my own state of mind. I got older recently I had a really bad wreck on my motorcycle had 4 surgeries my leg was broken in so many different places I’ve suffered so much unbelievable pain every bone in my leg was destroyed but they managed to save my leg somehow . I still have to go back to get two more surgeries so I can walk again I’m missing bone . A big chunk when I came out of that hospital after been there for a month and day I was not the same I’ve started traveling again even when I was wide awake . well one of those night I felt something really strange happening to me so I decided to record it on my iPhone .
      It Was a presence that it felt so terrifying and so intimidating I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way . So there was the evidence I took a video of what was happening around me and there was so clear that I got so scared of that entity it was me
      All along there was a terrible evidence I couldn’t believe it was
      Distorted my video caught me when I’ve turned into that entity .i’m able to spot anyone that’s a reptilian and see them as who they really are. My reflection of me in the mirror it’s about 7 feet tall when in reality I’m only 5’7 well that’s my story I’m still very scared
      Confused don’t know why I keep traveling it hurts every time it happens at least 4
      Times in a week the funny thing that reptilians are able to communicate with eachother and manipulate humans and blind them all along I was blindfolded these reptilians are able to talk through the tv and send messages with eachother or manipulate the world into many subliminal messages . To be honest I’m scared lost confused specially this is a very delicate subject no one wants to hear this . we suppose to be in hiding to be honest is for our own protection I get it . I’ve heard all types of Things about these aliens that they’re bad people and we are here to control humanity not all of it is true I don’t
      Consider myself this way . I discovered many of my friends as well I’m able to spot reptilians And any other race it’s my gift . so no more denial I’m athius I’m pretty sure that there’s no god we the aliens came from other galaxies other worlds cause ours was gone
      Now this our planet along with every other species in this beautiful place we created . Earth I know for a fact that every bible books on reference to a god we the aliens give them to the humans to give them hope and a sense of survival ,rules and a sense of
      Behavior without distruction to keep going in a certain manner. We been here all along just look around how can the world be so blind ? they’re not conspiracies . Take a good look around that’s all you got to do we are not all that bad we are here and we’ve been here to help but , I do must say they don’t like to be spotted so be very careful walk away if you ever get to see one oh , just a hint there’s no such thing as time it was made up to measure and slaved humans to do things and at the same time create a society and a better world .

  2. I’ve always thought this theory was wild, I remember there was a popular video-maybe 5 years ago- that allegedly caught Justin Beiber shapeshifting as a lizard. Clearly not a government figure, it would be interesting to hear if this followed along supporters theories.

    • Many supporters believe lizard people exist in the entertainment industry, so they would happily accept the idea that Justin Beiber is a lizard person. After all, he has a lot of power of his fans, most of whom happen to be young and vulnerable.

    • Wow, I did not know that. But as soon as I read your comment I just couldn’t help but dig a bit more deeper. It seems like ‘he was careless enough to shape shift in public’ (in Perth Airpot). This was a recent news, I dont know how I didn’t hear anything about this previously.

  3. I too remember hearing about the Justin Bieber story. I thought it was a complete joke and had no idea that people actually believed in the concept of “Lizard People” and that they had evidence to back up their beliefs. I can kind of understand how people can believe this, especially in today’s political climate. With so many people unhappy with things in the government, believing that it is run by lizards might be comforting to some

  4. You’re right the entertainment industry is certainly another realm of the belief. Which brings to mind another question, are believers of the lizard people also believers of the Illuminati? After all, a lot of the famous figures cross-over between the theories.

  5. This theory is such a wild one, but I remember in the early 2000s when this thing really blew up and illustrious people were being associated with reptilian characteristics. Taking this theory a bit further, I remember watching a Youtube video on the whole conspiracy, and apparently believers also think that these reptilian creatures have a home base inside of the moon, which appears to prove their intelligence and global power.

  6. I remember hearing about this theory in high school. People were trying to say that Hillary Clinton was a lizard person, which is hilarious. I would love to know more about their evidence behind why they think some of the people running our government are lizard people. Do you have any idea why this theory seemed to have started? Is it because of the biblical references to reptiles, or is it something more?

  7. This theory really feels like a throwback to me. I think its one of the funnier ones out there because of how far it spreads. I feel like I’ve heard so many people called lizard people at this point. Hillary Clinton was a big one but Justin Bieber hit closer to home for me. There was a point in time where 13 year old me didn’t think it was true, but didn’t KNOW it was false. Good work!

  8. For those that believe this theory, do lizard people pervade all levels of government, and what is the sheer number of lizard people believed to be on earth? In terms of the interbreeding of humans and lizard people for generations, surely with modern DNA mapping technology, we should be able to identify some crazy DNA differences between mixed breeds and purebreds.

  9. I was drawn to this topic today because we talked about it in class a couple of days ago! I think that the parallel between the existence of lizard people and the referencing of lizards or animals of the reptilian nature within the Bible is very fascinating. You can definitely see why people in the 4% category believe in such a belief. The examples from the Bible hold such solidarity (because of its notoriety) that people are relying on them for some sort of evidence related backing. In my opinion, there are multiple primary sources out there that spew information, but at the same time, I think all humans should know and practice the art of critical thinking when faced with this information. I feel this way because anyone can just listen to information and believe it right away! This is the day in age in which we live. We have to be cognizant and understand that examples from religious texts might not always be the evidence to support such beliefs. I also like the idea stated above about being able to test the DNA between humans and animals. SURELY, our advancements in technology would allow us to observe differences between lizard people DNA and regular functioning, non-shape-shifting, humans.

  10. Hello!
    This was an interesting topic of blog post! I believe I heard this topic in class and it is very strange. I think it would be wild for the world to have these lizard people in our presence without even knowing. I think though, just thinking about basic biology, I do not think two species can (usually) combine successfully. The chances of these lizard people and humans combining DNA and becoming a different breed seems far fetched. I think its an interesting but not highly believable claim. Very interesting post and great data !!

  11. This is the most interesting conspiracy I have ever seen. But I think it is just impossible since the human cannot interbreed with Lizard. Lizard and Human are completely two species, and we have a different amount of chromosomes. It’s hilarious that they claim the lizard man hide in our world and control the government. I would prefer to believe that people make this conspiracy to slander the government leader they don’t like.

  12. Trump LOL. It is really an inspiring topic that everyone around me suddenly becomes suspicious.Biologically It is not impossible, but emotionally I’d like to accept if someone is a lizard man. I mean this person is still that person, just different race, similar as different country. It is not horror thinking in that way.

  13. Such an interesting theory. I actually heard about this because I accidentally came across a video on youtube. In that they claimed I think Miley Cyrus to be a lizard person and even showed a clip where her eyes switched colors, which also could’ve been fabricated or some kind of glitch. Those theories are sometimes so fascinating to read, but even more fascinating is that some people actually believe in it.

  14. So the lizard theory has always been a very interesting theory because most people just say that they government is just conspiring against the average American not that they are an entirely different being. Its just a very interesting jump to make, I wonder if they do this so the people that are being accused of being a lizard people seem less humane? like some kind of metaphor that they don’t realize they are doing.

  15. I think this theory is interesting because people have such distrust in the government that they blame their own suspicions on ‘lizard people’ pretending to be human so they can control the earth. What I find interesting is that the traits for looking for a lizard person are just regular human traits that are all pretty common. A congressman has green eyes? Must be a lizard! How crazy does that even sound?

  16. I have know that they( lizard people) have been here along, some in the middle earth and some on top, like the rest of us. But just like we are not responsible for what our people did hundreds of years ago, then how can we hold this on the lizard people, which to me most are in India, because of the Vedic medical, things they ingust like liquid gold , and ect. Also, the lizard people are suppose to live in the hundreds. The real horror are the ones who eat puppies and kittens and start carving them alive. then the ones in Hollywood who also are eating human Babies!

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