Healing Crystals

By Jeremiah Lozier

In light of the New-Age movement, there has been a resurgence in the belief and popularity of healing crystals. Some people believe that various sorts of crystals have the ability to purge the body of “negative, disease-causing energy” (Palermo, 2017). The use of healing crystals falls under the practice of alternative medicine and is of ancient origins. Modern day crystal healing is primarily based on ancient Asian customs: the manipulation of a life-energy made manifest in the physical body that is of supernatural essence (Palermo, 2017). Despite the absence of scientific evidence, the belief in healing crystals is unequivocally prevalent in modern society.

Healing crystals supposedly have several different characteristics that influence the kind of healing they administer. A crystal’s power is dependent upon the structure, color, and elemental composition (Palermo, 2017). There are innumerous accounts of anecdotal stories of crystals altering one’s energy. In a particular story, a woman clenched two different stones in her fists where one helped bolster courage and the other influenced the “voice chakra” as she approached her boss to negotiate a raise. She managed to secure the raise thanks to the crystals (Marshall, 2018). On the other hand, in terms of healing crystals withstanding the ruthless refinement of science based experimentation, there is no evidence that healing crystals possess the power to influence such energies.

Although there is no scientific evidence that supports healing crystals having the ability to manipulate bodily energies, there is, however, evidence to support a placebo effect in those that use healing crystals. In the case of the woman who asked for a raise, it is very likely that she experienced an increase in confidence due to the mere fact that she was holding rocks that she believed to be influencing her state of mind. I would argue that people are misinformed about the healing properties of crystals, but that is not to say that crystals cannot help some people in some situations. The Placebo effect can be very powerful.

As culture continues to change and evolve, so will the beliefs of those that live in the context of a changing culture. Alternative medicinal practices have been steadily increasing with the birth of the New Age movement. Especially as more and more celebrities and people of influence latch onto and endorse healing crystals, the demand will continue to rise, and therefore, the supply must rise thus sustaining the popularity.

Because healing crystals are of ancient descent, there is an element of stagnation at play: the upholding and reverence of an ancient practice despite modern, contradicting evidence. In addition to stagnation, humanity as a whole yearns for meaning in life. The belief in healing crystals plays into the idea of the human soul that persists after physical death which is a psychological defense mechanism according to Terror Management Theory.




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15 thoughts on “Healing Crystals

  1. I think the most interesting part about the whole notion of healing crystals is how strongly it has been represented in sci-fi/fantasy media. What about crystals do you think makes them so appealing to fans of the sci-fi/fantasy genre?

    • The only reason that comes to my mind is because crystals are shinny, sparkly and good looking. It’s like a psychological effect when people have crystals or where crystals, it makes them elegant and they are automatically considered to be a part of the higher, rich classses.

  2. I love the idea of healing crystals. I actually have some gemstone jewelry because it’s fun to decide which “properties” you want. It’s also nice to have them because they can act like beautiful good luck charms. I sure hope nobody is trying to cure diseases with them, though. That is a terrible idea.

  3. I have an aunt who believes very strongly in the healing power of crystals and their properties, she loves to tell people what they are missing when they come down with an ailment. To your point, I always wondered how she maintained adamance with no scientific evidence whatsoever. And furthering this, she was very involved with many other healing/psychic practices.

    • As you know sometimes, people might support your cause, just because you have authority and are assumed to be a honorable and credible part of society. If your aunt believes in something and is considered to be credible by your family members, it will be easy for her to grasp attention of others in yours family.

  4. I wonder if maybe it is not the crystal itself but the ritual that comes with it. I’ve heard of some people who are avid proponents of the powers of crystals say that they meditate with the crystals around. I wonder if it is maybe not the crystals giving them relief from whatever, but maybe the meditation. It would be interesting to ask someone who uses them how they use them!

    • I agree with what your saying. Maybe its due to the placebo effect. Which means it works for some people, due to their trust or belief in crystals. Sometimes a positive attitude towards something is enough for a long lasting affect.

  5. I don’t know why but when I was reading this article, I found myself having flashbacks of how my mother used to believe in the power of crystals. I remember her telling me at the jewelry shop that you dont choose the crystal the crystal chooses you and if it is not meant for you either it will get lost or it will bring a lot of bad luck to you. She always hesitates before buying solitaires, she has have a lot of information about the stone to go through with it.

  6. I recently was in the store Sephora and noticed that they actually sell small packages that contain crystals and sage in them. Its interesting that crystals have recently become so big in culture. I know on instagram I seem to see them everywhere! I think people sometimes attribute their own power to the crystals and use them as a sort of crutch, but I don’t necessarily think that there is anything wrong with holding a crystal and using it for stress. To me, I think that crystals in this way can work similarly to a stress ball!

  7. Healing crystals are the prime example of making a profit out of a belief. They are currently viewed as trendy so that people can feel “spiritual”. The idea of having good or bad energy is extremely prominent on social media right now as all anyone wants is to “be around people with good vibes”. If one assumes that they will act a certain way once attaining the crystals, they most likely will due to the change in perception and the motivation to act (like the job raise negotiation).

    • To speak to the market of selling crystals, it is amazing how many people are capitalizing on crystals. A number of weeks ago in class, we were looking up extraordinary products on GOOP. As I was perusing the inventory, I bumbled across this water bottle that had a fixed crystal in it, and supposedly, the crystal would somehow mix energies with the water that you would then ingest.

      Here’s a link to bottle that inspired me to write this post:

      I must say, it certainly is a handsome looking bottle though.

  8. Hello!
    This was a great choice for your blog post! I think most people have heard or seen these healing crystals and have heard of there “powers”. I have definitely seen these and have friends who believe in them. I have seen youtube videos where people go and get crystal therapy to balance there energies. I find the concept to be interesting! I think the concept of placebo effect definitely places a role in this healing. I think if people truly believe that something is balancing them out, it will give them inner peace. And because of that, I think nothing is wrong with believing!! Great post!!

  9. I have never thought there is actually some people believe the healing crystal since it’s more like an item is the video game instead of the true medicine. They claim the health crystal can eliminate the negative energy inside the body, but they even didn’t explain what it is and how the crystal eliminates it. For the people who get better after using the healing crystal, I think it is more like a psychological impact.

  10. Healing crystal might really effective for some people because of the placebo effect, but it’s a dangerous idea to rely those little shiny stones to really solve the problem. Just like the case that how crystal give the lady power to confront her boss and win a promotion. If she just bought some crystals, thinking the promotion would happen without asking. The result would be totally different. I mean, healing crystal may only give us the confidence we need, we still need to complete the thing by ourselves.

  11. I think the use of healing crystals have stayed popular is due to the placebo effect. Most of the healing properties of healing rocks are usually things that can be changed with a different state of mind, ergo the placebo effect. If scientists came out with a study showing that healing rocks have no effect on the body, do you think people would still try to use them?

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