The World Is Controlled by a Group of Elite Reptiles

by Joy Pan

When you think of famous celebrities, politicians, and leaders of the world it’s hard to believe that they are normal human beings like us; they just seem to be bigger and better than the average person. But what if they weren’t humans at all? What if they were actually fifteen-feet tall reptilian-like shape shifters from outer space who came to Earth and took slowly took over our governments and entertainment industry for the sole purpose of enslaving the human race? These reptiles control us by creating wars and mindless entertainment to keep us distracted. Famous reptiles include Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush Family, CEOs, global banking leaders, and even celebrities like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. These reptiles also are believed to make up the Illuminati and can take on human forms by creating vibrations that give us the illusion that they are human. It seems like something that would be in a science-fiction movie, but in reality many people actually believe this wild conspiracy theory. This theory first become popular in 1998 after a man named David Icke published his book called The Biggest Secret and remains popular today. Along with the book information about this theory is also widely available on the Internet from YouTube videos to conspiracy theory forums and news articles. What makes this belief extraordinary is that it suggests that there are alien shape-shifters roaming our planet and controlling us normal humans.

The basis the “Reptilian Elite” theory is that in ancient times a group of advanced reptiles from the Alpha Draconis star system came to Earth and infiltrated the governments of the ancient civilizations in order to control all the humans and enslave them and became their rulers and bred with other humans to form crossbreeds so that their DNA can infiltrate the minds of humans. With their DNA inside our systems they can control us by making us dumber, slower, and weaker and therefore easier to control. Evidence for this reptilian DNA in us comes from the fact that in the early stages, developing embryos look a lot like reptiles and could be classified as such. Furthermore, the oldest parts of our brain which control the most primal functions and instincts is called the “reptilian brain” because it is made of of the structures that the reptilian brain consists of which are the brainstem and cerebellum. However, these could just be the result of the fact that we originally evolved from reptiles as they were the first animals that existed on earth so naturally we would have parts of our body that are similar to theirs. Another piece of evidence for this theory comes from the fact that many religions in ancient civilizations depict some sort of reptilian god or goddess which supports David Icke’s theory that these reptilian beings once ruled in the open and created impossible structures such as the Pyramids of Egypt. Although this may make sense at first, it is easily debunked because ancient civilizations also had gods that took form of other animals aside from reptiles such as the ancient Egyptian god Anubis who is depicted as a man with a jackal head. A more recent piece of evidence for this theory comes from a video of Justin Bieber in which his eyes seem to shift and turn reptile-like. Believers of this conspiracy explain that this is because it is hard for these reptiles to keep their true selves hidden through the camera, but if this was the case and the influence of the Reptilian Elite was so pervasive then we could see many more instances of celebrities shape-shifting on camera. This could have simply been the result of a glitch or camera malfunction.

Although there is no real scientific evidence or much evidence at all for this theory; there is an incredible amount of people who actually believe that this is true – 12 million Americans to be exact and even more people worldwide. How can so many people really believe something that seems so ridiculous? Once reason could stem from extreme cognitive dissonance: these people want to believe that human beings are inherently good and just, but with all the wars and destruction and evil in the world is causes cognitive dissonance because it shows that people aren’t really good but instead of accepting that fact, they blame it on some other species, “we humans wouldn’t do something like this, it must be the evil reptiles that are controlling us making us do such evil things.” Another factor in sustaining this belief is the fact that believers of this theory can retreat to the supernatural when people challenge it. When people ask for evidence for the existence of these reptilians, theorists can simply say that we can’t see them because they have the ability to control our minds to make them think that they are humans making this claim unfalsifiable so that they essentially cannot be disproved. Furthermore, confirmation bias plays a large role in sustaining these beliefs because they will interpret anything that could potentially be evidence as hard proof in their beliefs.

Many believers of this theory come from groups of conspiracy theorists who believe in many other conspiracy theories. When people believe one crazy conspiracy theory it becomes easier and easier for them to believe in more theories, because once someone has accepted the possibility of one irrational belief then it is easier to rationalize other ones. Social influences that could help them sustain this belief come from the abundance of science fiction novels, movies, and TV shows which open people up to the possibility of other worldly creatures that they may not have had before.

This theory is probably one of the most extreme and far out conspiracy theories that exist and it seems impossible for people to actually believe in something like this, but such an incredibly large amount of people do. This can be explained by some cognitive contributions such as cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias, but it seems that these people since they many of them also believe in many other conspiracy theories it seems like they have an extreme sense of paranoia about the world and the government that could be caused by some underlying psychological problem.


20 thoughts on “The World Is Controlled by a Group of Elite Reptiles

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this informative post and learned a lot from reading this. This is definitely an extraordinary belief I know little about, and i liked learning about it. It’s very crazy to me that people actually believe this stuff and think it is real. At first I couldn’t think what sort of error in thinking might cause this belief, but I certainly agree with you that it might be cognitive dissonance and a way to explain the negative aspects of the world. Great point!

  2. Okay you did it, this is my favorite blog post I have read! This is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard about and I’m kind of obsessed with it! I love that people actually believe in this! But anyways, I liked your point about how if a person believes in one conspiracy theory they are more likely to believe in more because they have already accepted irrational ideas. But like a shapeshifting retile? Amazing! Hahaha

  3. I have vaguely heard of this before, but never knew any of the details behind it. It is crazy to me that people actually believe this! It seems a little too far fetched for me. I understand wanting to have an explanation for when things happen, but reptiles being the answer is crazy to me.

  4. This belief is really surprising because I cant begin to imagine how it could become so main stream, we discussed it briefly in class but you wrote about it in such great detail. This is definitely one of the most interesting theories i have read so far.

  5. In early childhood I would shed skin, and not sunburnt, but yet in Winter months. I thought all kids did. Low humidity, dry skin.

  6. This post is actually very immaculate and not researched at all. The reason people believe this is because David Icke has literally wrote tens of thousands of pages about current world events, scientific studies, ancient archaeology, myths and religions, etc. that weave together with a common thread…that these beings have been on earth a long time. I think it’s ridiculous when people like you basically say, “can you believe these idiots buy into this, hyuck-hyuck”, without actually digging into the material. It’s such an ignorant way to approach a topic and a shame to be so dismissive. While there are many out there posting ridiculous claims about so and so being a reptilian because of a video artifact in an image, it doesn’t make the source material any less accurate…it just shows how academia lives for snarky, tongue-in-cheek dismissals of anything outside of the mental box their higher institutions of learning have trapped them in. Further, I constantly see articles referring to conspiracy theorists as “nuts” or “stupid”. Is that really the case? Or is it actually you that are stupid and nuts for believing state run news outlets and the “official” narrative on our reality? I’ve spent 2 decades reading and researching Icke and his contemporaries as well as the historical sites, tribal legends, and science to back up his claims. I suggest you at least spend 20 minutes researching something before writing an article dismissing it like a twat.

    • Hi Purplebucket. Thanks for you thoughts on this matter. A few things:

      First, I ask you to model adult and professional behavior for my students. If you want to convince us that we’re wrong, calling us “twats” is not going to win you any friends here.

      Second, I am excited that you have done so much research on this topic. This means that you have lots of material at your fingertips to show us that you are right and we are wrong. I and my students are eager to see this material. Can you tell us more about it?

      Thank you for your interest in our little blog. I look forward to hearing from you again.

    • i applaud your comment Purplebucket…it saddens me the dismissive of people who haven’t done their own due diligence…it is work, yes, but before presenting a view, against those of us who investigate these stories, maybe delve there yourself?

    • Usually the dismissive ones are either the people who have no common sense to perform their own research or the group determined to make everything seem like mumbo jumbo. They lay eggs in caves and underground. They control people. The world is not what it seems!!!

  7. I’m currently working on a very similar research essay, on why people believe in this. you’re essay has been the most useful thing I’ve read so far thank you! I’m a bit confused of your use of wikipedia as a source rather than just citing the sources linked in the wikipedia page. also I see a lack of in-text citations and you didn’t format your works cited? I feel like one way to improve this article would be to add quotes. though it looked like you had at least one (maybe? or was it dialogue?) if that was a quote a in text citation or just reference to who you were quoting would be nice. I know this is kind of a stupid comment since this comments grammar is atrocious, anyway sorry if i offended you in anyway i learned stuff from your article that i hadn’t previously known and i apreciate that it exists.


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  9. It’s easy to dismiss what you can’t explain. Every person who has heard or read this knows deep inside them the truth. We don’t need other people to tell us. Look inside yourself and feel the answer. Don’t let fear or your ego influence you.

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  11. It is easy to believe something when you have had an experience yourself. I have literally seen unexplained craft in the night skies, they have actually powered up for me like 5 times the size, when I asked them too occasionally. Have seen them swoop out of the heavens and back up as they powered up for me. Have seen them move from a stayed position, that looks like a star, to move across the sky and vice versa. This has been over a period of 7-8 years in Frankfort KY. Last year in Cincinnati OH, I seen what looked like a lizard being in a tree staring in my apartment patio door on second floor, yes a peeping reptile lol. I felt no fear what so ever and I still look for him to this day. I felt he was more or less checking me out. He was camouflaged, with a bright green oval circle on belly, rest of body was a mossy green, with huge black eyes and stood about 5 ft tall standing on tree limb. So I do know there is something out there but I do not know what, as of yet. I have a strange marking on foot that appeared overnight about 4 months ago, and a group of what looks like large freckles, grouped together on arm that is in shape of an inverted triangle which showed up in the month of January 2017. I woke up one morning with belly button hurting, looked at it and it was bright red with what looked like a salve inside of it and very sore to the touch. I am not imagining this stuff, i have a relative who witnessed most of this with me while living in Frankfort.

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  13. I wonder if you consider this a conspiracy. This scientist, John Brandenberg, has evidence of a nuclear explosion on Mars that destroyed the planet more than 180 billion years ago. He said NASA is very aware of this information from pictures they took there & scientific research of the ground. He estimates there were 2 million people living on Mars at the time & something outside of the planet dropped those weapons. He has lectures online that provide additional evidence.

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