Alien Nanotechnology

by Julia Strand

Alien nanotechnology, which is believed to be pieces of evidence embedded into abducted humans by extraterrestrials. There is a documentary called Patient Seventeen, which shows Dr. Roger Leirs seventeenth surgery removal of extraterrestrial implants. With more than half the people in this world believing that aliens exist, Dr. Roger Leir is not alone in his belief. This information has been found and studied through the pieces found in these abductees. Over the past two decades, researchers have been exploring the belief that these encounters may in fact be true.

During the documentary of Patient Seventeen, Dr. Roger Leir came to find that the extraterrestrial implant that was inside of his patient was made of a total of 36 elements, which is far grater than any industrial form of article. Dr. Roger Leir also shared in his documentary how the isotopic ratios of Zinc 64 and Zinc 66 would indicate that these elements could not have been made possible from elements found here on earth. The case against this belief would be that there is no legitimate evidence that is able to be backed up scientifically. Dr. Roger Leir also was very stringent when it came to sharing his research, which never sits well in the scientific world.

Interestingly, the contributions that form this belief system comes from a vast array of research from depicting of objects found in such patients. That being said, people are lead to believe what they do from the information found from the elements that make up the objects. I would think that the background information or more so misinterpretation of such is what would cause someone to believe one way or another. When someone provides a great deal of research, such as elements in an object, people can easily be persuaded and be lead to believe what the researcher believes.

The community of believers come from those who also believe in UFOs and aliens and that they do in fact exist. There are multiple social influences that have contributed to this growing belief system, especially over the past couple of years. Media is a huge form of influence, through movies, TV shows, and anything that even talks about them. Even if they are not projecting them to be real or not, it still puts the thought out there.

The psychological explanations for the belief system is compromised by research that could not be explained by any other reasoning than what Dr. Roger Leir has concluded. The elements found in these objects highlight one of the bigger psychological explanations for this belief. For there to be no other explanation of the combinations of elements, and the complexity of the whole, it makes it seem easier to believe. I feel as though the biggest psychological explanation this belief has would be the cognitive dissonance someone experiences to lead them to have to change their perspective.



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  1. I found your blog post intriguing to read and I enjoyed reading through it! I was very interested in alien and UFO topics in class and it is hard for me to believe that people, even highly educated ones, believe in alien abductions. I like how you emphasized the role of the media and how this can cause people form views on what aliens look like or what they do.

  2. I liked the part of the blog when you talk about most of the evidence comes from the depiction of body parts from aliens. I think the key word is “depict” because that shows that the evidence was up for interpretation meaning that it is impossible to be able to call these body parts alien parts and be 100% accurate. Also the pieces found in the abductees and the abductees claim they have been abducted based on there own personal experience which is important to note.

  3. One of the things that stuck out to me immediately was the fact that you stated over more than half of people believe in aliens. To me, that is absolutely astonishing. I do think that aliens are probably the most “believed in” supernatural being, though. I am unsure why though, I think the connection that make between the media could be a huge reason. There are so many alien movies, stories, and legends. It is such a popular topic, that people will believe it purely based on popularity.

  4. I had never heard of this belief before reading your post, so I was very interested in the basis of the belief! What I believe is the most convincing part of this theory is the fact that a researcher, someone who is credible to the public, says that there is no where else that these elements and objects could come from. I believe that it is very surprising that no one can explain where these objects came from, let alone how they got into the people- except for the claim that they were abducted by aliens. Since this is the only theory that the researchers and the “abductees” have, it is easier to think of it as true. I am so interested in this theory and I find it so strange that the elements couldn’t be from earth!

  5. I think you bring up a good point that if something sounds scientific or has a hefty amount of research behind, people are more likely to believe it. When you discussed that Dr. Leir’s explanation that “the isotopic ratios of Zinc 64 and Zinc 66 indicates these elements could not have been made possible from elements on earth,” it sounds incredibly convincing and makes sense that the average person would believe in such things like alien abduction and alien nanotechnology. Great post!

  6. I was unfamiliar with the term alien nanotechnology before reading this essay. It is very interesting though. I know alien abductions are a popular belief, and you made a good statement about people of high status (Doctors), such as Dr. Leir having an influence on people’s beliefs when they provide elemental evidence. I think there are many people who want to believe this, so any statement from a doctor is going to push them further into this claim. Especially statements that claim the elements found in these supposed pieces of evidence retrieved from human’s bodies cannot be found on earth!

  7. I really loved this documentary because it really showed how easily people can believe in things like aliens. A doctor who performs surgeries and then claims to have found an isotopic ratio that is not possible on earth seems almost too legitimate to ignore. This is dangerous because this type of authoritative evidence becomes the ground work for peoples beliefs.

    • hey i definitely agree with your statement! I think that having an authoritative figure and credential person strengthens people’s beliefs and makes them think that this must be true since it is being backed up by someone of merit. as consumers of science, we have to be skeptical of what we are consuming.

  8. This was really cool to learn more about, but I think a belief such as this one can actually be quite dangerous. The fact that this doctor was performing unnecessary surgeries to remove things that aren’t actually there seems unethical to me. I know the person receiving the surgery probably believes that there is something that needs to be removed, but the doctor is putting them in danger by performing an operation.

    • I would agree with you! I liked how you brought up the ethics of this doctor and how it is very dangerous. I think that could be something that is discussed more so that it could be prevented in the future. Thanks for adding that perspective!

  9. If aliens really are kidnapping people and implanting technology into them we have a serious problem on our hands! I really hope that the 50% of people you are referring to are people who believe humans may not be alone in the universe, and not that every other person on earth thinks aliens are living amongst us. These implants that the doctors removed, where do they claim they ended up? The concept of Alien Nanotechnology makes me shake.

  10. i think it is so interesting that over half of people believe in aliens!! I really starts to make me think to be honest..haha. even though i personally do not believe in aliens that doesnt mean that aliens do not exist to people. the media and documentaries truly play a large role in this! Alien beliefs is one of the most talked about supernatural beliefs and i find it interesting.

  11. Reading this, I immediately think that this is a money scam. Doctors who claim to remove “alien nanotechnology” are creating for themselves a whole clientele. They are offering an expensive solution to a fake problem. This reminds me of homeopathic medicine because it is pointless medicine, that essentially generates money for useless stuff.

    • I think you’re completely right in saying it is a scam for money. It seems like these doctors are taking advantage of people who believe in alien nanotechnology for monetary gain, which is so disheartening.

  12. That is interesting that there is evidence that it is possible that the nanotechnology could have not been made on earth. I know when I read that in your post it made me question if it was possibly true. Just hearing that this doctor removed the device, and that it was elements not found on earth, those can make people wonder. I also hate to think that they are using their authority to gain believers for other reasons like publicity or money.

  13. Before reading your post I had never heard of alien nanotechnology. I found it weird that that doctor had kept his research from everyone which seems like a red flag, because if there was nothing to hide then why is he trying to keep things secret that can make his claims so much stronger and more widely believed. However, it’s very interesting that there isn’t any explanation for the device he removed from that patient’s head, I wonder if more cases of things like this have been in people’s heads and where they came from.

  14. Whew, this is a really “out there” belief. I’ve heard of probes and the like involving alien invaders, but I’ve never heard of such chemical and surgical ways of transmitting information for aliens. I wonder when the first idea of nanotechnology ever came up in the field of science outside of science-fiction,

  15. I have heard a lot about nano technology and research being conducted at OSU about it, but it is very interesting how professionals in highly respected fields like medicine, are able to create these types of claims without much evidence, this topic reminds me of the N-ray, and how that researcher could not prove its existence.

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