Sister Bernadette Vetter Award

Each year at my high school, one graduating senior is presented with the Sister Bernadette Vetter Award. This award recognizes the student that best lived out the mission of the school during her four years. I was fortunate enough this past year to be the student selected from among my peers by the faculty and staff to receive this award. At my high school, I was incredibly involved in many different areas – athletics, performing arts, campus ministry, volunteering, and helping with various events for the school. However, I never expected to be recognized in such a big way for my involvement. It was nice to know that the work I had done didn’t go unnoticed, so this award is very important to me and encourages me to continue living out a life that is focused on learning, service, and helping others.

Corn Maze – Scholars Event

I attended the corn maze in Little Darby Creek with the Biological Sciences Scholars group a few weeks ago. While this may not be an “academic” activity, I really enjoyed it because it allowed me to meet more people from the Scholars program that I hadn’t previously met. It was a really nice way to get to know people better while also de-stressing by doing some fun fall-themed activities!

Year in Review

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Global Awareness: During my senior year of high school, I hosted a foreign exchange student for three weeks, and then spent two weeks with her in her home of Granada, Spain. The time spent with her both in the United States and in Spain allowed me to learn in a deeper way about the experiences of people in other parts of the world and inspired a passion in me for learning about new cultures and ideas through travel, which is something I hope to continue at Ohio State through study abroad programs.

Original Inquiry: The Ohio State University offers so many research opportunities, that it is difficult to pick just one! However, one of my main goals while at Ohio State is to get involved in research, especially research that deals with biomedical engineering or medicine. I am starting to look more into the research opportunities that exist in these areas and will begin working to get a position in one of these labs.

Academic Enrichment: As a biomedical engineering student who is also pre-med, I will definitely be faced with many challenging classes during my four years here. While difficult, these classes will allow me to expand my knowledge in the areas I am interested in.

Leadership Development: I have already gotten involved in a few clubs and organizations here at Ohio State, and these offer many leadership positions that I can gain in the future. In addition, I can be a leader in any research or volunteering positions that I might have. There are so many options for leadership that it will be difficult not to be a leader in some capacity.

Service Engagement: In high school, I was very actively involved in service, so it is something that I hope to continue at Ohio State. It is important to me to give back to my community in any way that I can, and Ohio State provides many resources to help students do this.


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About Me

My name is Catherine Van Curen, and I am one of the members of The Ohio State University Class of 2021. I am studying Biomedical Engineering, as well as Pre-Med, while also participating in the Biological Sciences Scholars Program. My goal is to go to medical school after obtaining my undergraduate degree.  I am extremely excited to continue exploring the fields of engineering and medicine, and studying the relationships that exist between the two during my journey at Ohio State. Although I know my studies will be difficult, I am fully prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities offered at Ohio State to help me succeed. When I am not studying or in school, I like to run, watch football (Go Bucks!), sing, and read. On campus, I recently joined Scarlet and Grace Notes, an all-female a cappella group where I can continue to foster my love of music and performing. I have also joined BMES and Pre-Med Club, two organizations that will help me to connect with students and professionals involved in the fields I am studying. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me as a member of The Ohio State University family