Community Commitment 2015

Community Commitment was one of the first service projects I did at OSU. This one of my first couple memories at OSU as well. Being in a scholars group, all of my roommates had to complete a number of service hours during the semester too. So we all decided to try out community commitment and it was great. We were assigned to help clean up a park, but not the kind of park you would normally think of. Our assignment was to pull ivy out of the preserved wooded area because it was starting to take over and the final result would have been detrimental to the park. This really wasn’t hard work and we eventually turned it into a game, who could fill up the most bags before we had to leave. Its uncertain who won but we had a great time doing it and I’m glad I got to participate in this activity that not only helped us as people but also helped the city of Columbus.

community commitment 2015


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About Me

Hello I’m Nick Valentino. I am from Concord, Ohio, which is thirty minutes east of Cleveland. My performance in the classroom is better when the class setting is open and active, where students actively share their thoughts with the professors. I’m outgoing and easy to know so never be afraid to talk to me or ask for help. So far at The Ohio State University I have learned much about time management, as well as opening my eyes to new angles when looking for influences. I chose this scholars program to better my understanding of architecture and to live with other architects so we could help to better each other as the year went on.


Year in Review

Ohio State has taught me a lot this past year. Going into college I was very nervous to make new friends, especially since I have always been somewhat shy and reserved when meeting new people. But Ohio State helped me to change that. It taught me to drive right in and be myself and I learned I can be a pretty good leader even when I’m unfamiliar with the people around me. This skill will carry on with me for the rest of my life. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to realize this while at OSU and cannot wait to find out what else I will learn about myself during my time at this university.