A flying airplane with the word "sayohat" written on the imageIf you have thought of or are considering traveling to Uzbekistan, this module is for you!

When traveling abroad, it’s important to learn about the host country’s rules for incoming foreign visitors. To learn more about the travel regulations, in particular, visa application procedure and length of stay, visit the website of Uzbekistan’s Embassy in the US:

Through the link above, you will learn about the visa application documents and fee. You’ll also find out about the permitted length of stay for visitors and more.

You have sorted out important tasks with regard to visiting Uzbekistan as a foreigner. Now begins the exciting part!

To purchase your online flight tickets, you may consult a number of travel websites. Common flying routes from the US to Uzbekistan are:

Uzbekistan Airways: New York → Tashkent

Turkish Airlines: Chicago (or another major US city) → Istanbul → Tashkent

There are also Russian Airlines that may take you to your destinations from the US.

Here’s a review of the food offered on a NYC-Tashkent flight: and

If you are flying through Turkey and you have a long layover in Istanbul, you should definitely consider exploring this magnificent city. Here is a 2020 expert guide on how to make the most out of it:

Istanbul and harbor(A view of Istanbul. Open source: Matt Barrett’s Greece Travel Guide)

Upon your arrival in Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, you should prepare to show your passport and visa, as well as your itinerary for the rest of your trip. Therefore, at times, it’s preferred that you book your hotel stays beforehand.

Here is a video of the Tashkent International Airport:

Tashkent International Airport(Airport entrance, Open source:

 Now that you have arrived in Uzbekistan it is time to decide where you want to go and what you’d like to see!

Explore these sites and think of different places you’d like to see!


Overview of tourist sites from the committee of tourism development:

Uzbekistan’s cities:

Outdoor and adventure travel blog:

Uzbekistan travel art:

An introduction to some key travel destinations:

The Melon festival in Bukhara:

Travel Blog posts:

If you’re interested in architecture, follow this link:

The link will take you to the first page about Bukhara. Scroll down on the menu on the left of the page to get to Gijduvon, Karakalpakstan, Khiva, Samarkand, Tashkent, and Vobkent.

Tripadvisor main page:

Links about the Fergana valley: and

Turan travel’s guide to Uzbekistan:

A Samarqand day trip:

Samarqand’s unique architectural monuments:

A list of tourist attractions in Samarqand:

Peopletravel’s page for Uzbekistan:

A bullet train tour of Uzbekistan:


Travel Videos

 The Afrosiyob fast train station:

 A video by the travel vlogger duo the Vagabrothers showing parts of the subway in Tashkent (starting at 5:00):

  • NOTE: This video misstates that Borat is from Uzbekistan. He is actually a fictitious character that many people find offensive, played by the satirist Sasha Baron Cohen, who was born in London.

The Vagabrothers in Samarqand and Bukhara.

A video about Khiva from 2018:

  • NOTE: The kh in Khiva (in Uzbek Xiva) is not pronounced as “k” as the vlogger says it in the video. It is actually closer to an “h” sound. For more on pronunciation see the Language (Til) section

Food Tourism Videos




For more on food, see the Food (Ovqat) section.


At some point in your trip you may decide to take a Damas bus to get around.

A vanYou can also travel by airplane. Uzbekistan Airways provides flights between major cities in Uzbekistan as well as flights between Uzbekistan and other countries.

Uzbekistan Air airplaneTrains are another way to get around in Uzbekistan. Tashkent, Samarqand, Bukhara and Khiva are now all connected with a high speed electric rail line called Afrosiyob, named after the legendary king of Turan.

High speed trainThe Afrosiob train in action

Suggested Learning Activity

 Part 1

Each student designs their own trip to Uzbekistan. List five or more places that you would like to visit. Explain where it is and how you could travel there.

 Write or draw out your trip itinerary.

Itinterary chart for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday




 Part 2

Students share their trip plans with the class or in small groups. Each person adds something to their trip plan from another students’ list that they find interesting.

Additional Resources

The Guardian about Registan:

The Guardian about travel in Uzbekistan:

Useful tips for traveling in Uzbekistan:

Travel blog including advice for female travelers:

A blogpost by Neha Mehta:

A blogpost about Bukhara:

A blogpost about Khiva:


Uzbekistan tourism and social media:

A video introducing Uzbekistan and Uzbek culture. It’s a documentary tour of the country produced by Deutsche Welle (Germany’s international broadcaster) and emphasizes many of the themes that we have introduced in this module:

  • NOTE: Students at madrasas learn many other subjects in addition to the Qur’an.

A travel documentary about Uzbekistan: The vloggers describe Uzbek food as “a mix of Turkish, Lebanese, Indian, and Chinese.”

Tashkent International Airport Facebook page:

Two more videos about special meat dishes: and