Uzbek Cuisine

Uzbek cuisine is similar to the culinary traditions of the different Turkic peoples across Central Asia and Turkey. Breads, noodles and rice dishes also play an important part in Uzbek cuisine. Uzbek food in certainly meat-heavy and mutton is one of the most popular meat varieties due to the abundance of sheep farming in the country.

Each region has its own cuisine, which differs in the preparation and taste of traditional dishes such as soups, somsas, breads and kebabs. Vegetables, fruits, grapes and melons are also widely consumed. Also, you will always find oriental sweets, nuts and almonds at the tables.

Uzbekistan’s signature dish is called plov or osh. There are over 200 varieties of this meal. Because of its importance in Uzbek cuisine and culture, it has been featured as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It has great social and cultural significance to the local population and is always served at big events and ceremonies. There are competitions held nationwide to see who can make the best osh. Its main ingredients are rice, beef or lamb meat, carrots, and onions. Additionally, it can be served with chickpeas, raisins, eggs, and qazy (horse sausage) for variation.

Soups are also very popular in Uzbek cuisine. They are served throughout the year even on hot summer days. One of the most popular types of soups is called shurva or shorva. Its main ingredients include meat broth with big chunks of meat, potatoes, carrots and greens. Variations of this soup include noodles, beans, and chickpeas.

Green tea is the most popular national hot beverage, which is consumed throughout the day in any weather. Black tea is mostly consumed in Tashkent. In general, Uzbek people take their tea without milk or sugar, and it’s usually served in small quantities in small traditional cups that resemble bowls. Tea always accompanies any meal, and it is also a drink of hospitality and is always offered by a host.

Language points:

Ordering food at a restaurant

Marhamat, kelinglar

Please come in!

Nima olib kelay?

What would you like to order?

Bir choynak ko’k choy olib kelsangiz

Could you bring a pot of green tea, please?

Ikki porsiya palov buyuraman

I would like two servings of palov, please

Go’shtsiz toamlar ham bormi?

Do you have any meatless food?

Suyuq ovqatlardan nimalar bor?

What kind of soups do you have?

Rosa mazali bo’libdi

Everything is very delicious

Osh bo’lsin

Bon Appetite

Necha pul bo’ladi?

How much is it?







Qanday shirinliklar bor?

What kind of desserts do you have?

Go’shti yaxshi pishmabdi

The meat is undercooked

Language Practice:

Come up with a dialogue between a waiter/waitress and a customer at a restaurant.


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