Learning from Loss: Maternal and Neonatal Death Surveillance in Malawi

Lucy Ramos

Lucy Ramos is a MPH student-by-night. She works for Ohio State’s Office of Distance Education and eLearning as a marketing communicator. She took a global health class with Dr. Norris and attended a seminar when CLI representatives Joseph and Elly visited campus, and was excited at the possibilities for getting involved.

Identifying the specific reasons behind the high maternal and neonatal mortality rates in Malawi will help medical personnel develop the interventions necessary to save lives. Lucy worked with the UTHA research team through 2015 to develop a maternal and neonatal death surveillance system. This included building a network of community volunteers along with protocols for the surveillance and an enhanced version of Malawi’s maternal death audit form. She visited the UTHA team in July 2015 to host a community volunteer training and provide consultation on ensuring sustainability for the surveillance. She continues to work with the UTHA team as the surveillance continues, in anticipation of the new maternity ward at the McGuire Wellness Center.