12 weeks before departure (EX; ES)


  • Passport valid for 6 months beyond return date. Two blank pages.
  • Visa types:

1. Tourist. Citizens of about 150 countries can enter without a visa for stays of less than 30 days. US Citizens are eligible. If you are not a US Citizen check your eligibility. No visa required.
2. Visa on Arrival – Citizens of 80 countries are eligible. Good for 30 days and renewable for another 30. If you arrive at 23:55 and depart 10 minutes later at 00:05 that’s a 2 day stay so count carefully. Pay $35 USD Cash at the VOA booth before the first immigration counter. Do not overstay your visa. This category is used for faculty and volunteers visiting educational organizations. DO NOT SAY you are ‘working in Indonesia.’ Say that you are visiting colleagues in Indonesia for meetings. Pick this up on arrival.
3. Educational and Social Cultural visa. Requires application at the Embassy 3-6 months prior to departure. Used for faculty conducting research or those who need an extended stay.

Consider if you want to volunteer to be a speaker at a partner institution in a transit city. Join the USINTEC Facebook and let people know your expertise.

Decide if you need inoculations. See Medical Advice on the previous part.

The book ‘Indonesia’, published by Lonely Planet, and available at Barnes and Noble stores or Amazon is an indispensable guide

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