1 week before departure

Call your bank and place a travel advisory on any card to be used overseas. Take 2 credit cards in case 1 does not work. Place the cards in different bags.

Obtain full contact information for those meeting you. Consider avoiding an airport pickup and meeting at the hotel – this will give you better flexibility.

Packing clothes

  • Expect hot and humid 24 hours a day except at higher elevations
  • Breathable fabrics work best (cotton, silk); avoid nylon unless you want to feel like you have wrapped a plastic bag around your body
  • Do not expect much rain (except in rainy season, November – March)
  • Don’t take a raincoat – it is too hot
  • For males, you won’t need more than one suit coat or jacket; you can buy and wear a long-sleeve batik shirt (formal wear in Indonesia) to events or meetings with important persons
  • For females, you can wear pants, skirts, dresses, long sleeves, short sleeves, or sleeveless as long as what you wear is modest. Carry a light sweater or jacket to cover your arms in situations where you feel it appropriate or where you encounter mosquitoes.
  • It is acceptable to wear shorts if you are exercising, engaged in sports, or in a tourist area; otherwise leave them in your room
  • Hotel wear is flexible – you will see everything

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