University Guest House. Many universities have guest houses on or near campus for long terms stays (1 week – 1 year). Expect AC, satellite TV and a housekeeper who may prepare meals.

Hotels. Can range in quality and come in all shapes, sizes and star levels. is an excellent resource and allows you to book and pay in advance in USD. But don’t feel the need to have to book everything a month in advance unless it’s holiday time.

Guest House – Indonesians use the term ‘Guest House’ as the name for the kind of accommodation we might call ‘Inn’ or ‘Bed and Breakfast.’

College Dorms. Often bunkbeds in a large room, sometimes separated by partitions without Air Conditioning. Generally not used by US travellers.

Kost – an apartment sized building with 2 – 50 rooms. Sometimes the room is only large enough to hold a matt on the floor. Others are more like a 1 bedroom apartment. Price will dictate if there is AC, TV, wifi, bathroom in the room, and cooking facilities. Rented by the week or month to Indonesian students and sometimes  faculty.

  • Travel light to avoid excess baggage costs; laundry service is good but expensive in major Jakarta hotels; expect anything you wash by hand to take 2 days to dry. If you can find a local laundry in the neighborhood expect incredibly cheap prices and amazingly cleaned and pressed clothes.

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