Travel Tips for Indonesia – Dechow’s Diaries

This blog is named after Dr. Sue Dechow, a long-serving OSU staff member and Founding Director of USINTEC.


The blog is written by faculty and student frequent travellers to Indonesia who want to offer advice they think will be helpful to first-time travellers. Opinions expressed here are opinions of individual contributors and don’t necessarily represent the opinion of The Ohio State University. Prejudice against anyone for anything is not tolerated on the blog. It’s hard to represent a country as large as Indonesia in a short blog so there are a lot of generalizations that may not apply in certain places or situations so go and find out for yourself.

The purpose of the blog is to offer enough information to novice travellers so you can enjoy your trip and stay well, stay out of jail, not make any offensive cultural mistakes that you can’t fix, and learn new things.

Expert traveller? See EX = Expert Tips

Not much time? See ES = Essential Tips


The blog is divided into 5 parts:

  1. Topics and Concerns – Common topics potential travellers are interested in and concerns expressed by those interested in travelling to Indonesia with answers.
  2. Weekly Countdown – Organizes things you need to do by week in preparation for your trip.
  3. International Travel
  4. First Impressions – Things you wonder as you arrive in Indonesia.
  5. City Guide – City-specific information for those transiting or living in the largest 15 Indonesian cities and en route transit cities.

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