Topics, Concerns, Planning

  • Belum in life and the workplace translates to “not yet”, “maybe tomorrow”, “maybe next week”, “maybe next year”, “maybe never” – permeates Indonesian life, work, and culture
  • Things will evolve and happen in their own good time
  • Be flexible, go with the flow
  • You will likely have an Indiana Jones moment. Roaches? Rats? Ask yourself, what would Indy do?
  • Remember, you are NOT in control of your schedule as you are at home
  • Keep the group with whom you are working on track as your time with them is very short
  • Work can start in the early morning; Indonesians are up at sunrise for prayer
  • Do not attempt working lunches; eating is for enjoying the food, not talking; lunch time must accommodate mid-day prayer

Personal Safety

Immunizations, Intestinal Distress, and Diseases – ES

Planning your trip – EX; ES




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