Visiting Scholars

USINTEC promotes scholars coming to the USA to engage in scholarship. The traveling faculty member usually obtains funding from scholarships, such as the ‘Scheme for Academic Mobility – SAME’ program in Indonesia, government ministries, a Provincial Government, or other funding source. This funding covers travel and accommodations, and a bench fee to cover the costs of the USA University partner.

At the same time as the faculty member is looking for funding, the faculty member should contact USINTEC so a USA faculty member mentor can be found and paper work can be completed.

Visiting Scholars are usually professors, senior lecturers, or lecturers with a PhD who are developing teaching or learning materials, beginning or finishing a book, developing a research proposal or international paper, planning or conducting joint research with partner university professors, or preparing papers for international presentation or publication.

Visiting Scholars receive:

  • Arrival Orientations and campus tours. Library orientation. J1 Visiting Scholar status. Living in the US Program Activities.
  • Faculty mentor who provides regular meetings, advice, and assists with research design, library and other academic resources, and possible community visits to schools, universities, or industry settings.
  • Possible field work at local or national educational sites or conferences when relevant to the scholars interests.
  • Program support as needed.

Interested scholars should write a one sentence email expressing their interest and send to this email to start the process:

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