TOEFL (Test cost approximately 1.5juta IDR + travel to the test site). Most USA programs require minimum 79 ibt (internet-based TOEFL) or 6.5 IELTS. OSU requires 7.0 IELTS. Based on our experience we believe the ibt is ‘easier’ than the ielts. But do look at the requirements for institutions to which you are interested in applying. For example, we have seen requirements such as a 100 ibt or 7.0 ielts and in that case the ielts would be the better choice because there is a ‘mismatch’ between the equivalent scores. You can google ‘ibt ielts concordance’ to learn approximately what one score would be equivalent to on the other test. Some universities, including OSU, offers the MELAB for admission but only if administered by a faculty/staff member of OSU. We think MELAB is a little ‘easier’. At OSU 82 is required on the MELAB. Contact us for more details.

IBT and IELTS tests are expensive and if you are in rural Indonesia you will likely need to fly somewhere to take it. Therefore, we think a good idea is to pay the Indonesian price for the paper based toefl (not eligible for admission to USA Universities) and see if you can score 550 on it. Look at the concordance to see what score you are likely to get on the ibt or ielts. This way, you are not spending a lot of money to take a lot of tests you may not pass. Better to take the ‘cheap’ test and when it seems you will pass the more expensive test, then take that one. Note – if you have completed an S1 degree or higher from an ‘English speaking country’ a toefl is not usually required.

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