GRE (Graduate Records Examination)

Graduate Records Exam (GRE – usually for PhD only). (Test cost approximately 2juta IDR + travel cost to test site). At USA Graduate Schools, it is common to take a GRE Test for admission, mostly to PhD programs. This test is created in the USA and is not always taken for admission in other countries. Therefore, it will be harder to find a testing center. At OSU, there is no minimum score for admission, but lower scores are looked at more carefully and not in a favorable way. A lot of the content of the GRE are the kinds of things you will find in a second year writing and mathematics course. In the USA the GRE score is believed to be a predictor of how well you will do in Graduate School, although this is not always the case.

INSIDER TIP: At OSU, many programs are interested in admitting students who score in the top 50 percent of GRE test takers. This is especially the case on the quantitative score for people in the sciences. Using the ‘elastic’ principal, faculty are often willing to admit students who score in the 25th percentile because faculty understand that the GRE is in English, and that for Indonesian students the test is as much a test of English as it is of the content. Faculty also understand that the content tested by the GRE, mostly second year undergraduate degree writing and Math skills, are not especially significant for some programs, or for students who have completed their S1 degree many years ago. At OSU, there is no minimum score, so theoretically if you receive the lowest score in the world you can still be admitted! But in practice, when you drop below the 25th percentile it raises a lot of questions for those reviewing your application.

In practice, we have found the average Indonesian who shows up at the GRE Test Center with absolutely no preparation, will score about 15%. Some have scored as low as 5%. However, with some moderate level of preparation, the same person will score 25%. Therefore, PLEASE, take some time to prepare for this expensive test. Google the test. Know the kinds of questions asked. Take some online preparation that may be free of charge. Practice with old tests. Get a friend to help you with some of the Math skills that you may have not used or forgotten since high school. In summary, take this seriously. Prepare. But if the score is not good still proceed in submitting your application. Note: At many universities including OSU, if your GPA is below 3.0, you can still apply but you must take the GRE.

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