Consultant or Reviewer

If you are looking for a consultant or reviewer, check out the list below. USINTEC is in contact with a large number of faculty who work with Indonesian students or have traveled to Indonesia.  You can email these faculty yourself or we can forward your message:

  • Jackie Goodway, Physical Education, Kinesiology and Physical Development, OSU
  • David Stein, Work Force Development and Instructional Technology, OSU
  • Karen Irving, Science Education, OSU
  • Azita Manoucheri, Mathematics Education, OSU
  • Adrian Rodgers, Teacher Education, Literacy and Professional Development, OSU
  • Bryan Warnick, Morals Education, History of Education, OSU
  • Laura Fernandez, Law, OSU
  • Dennis Heldman, Agriculture, OSU
  • Elisabeth Root, Geography, Epidemiology, Health across geographic space, OSU
  • William Liddle, Political Science, OSU
  • Jan Pierskalla, Political Science, OSU
  • Margaret (Peg) Sutton, Comparative Education, U. of Indiana

If your area is not listed above email us at and we will find a faculty member working in your area.

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