Now that you have received these encouraging words, it’s time to look for a program and a scholarship.

In our opinion the LPDP scholarship offered by the Indonesian Ministry of the Treasury is the best one because it provides the most funds to the most countries. Therefore, we recommend that you google them and find what universities are on that list. When the scholarship program started, the idea was that the ‘top 100 Universities’ in the world would be on the list. Since then many universities have been added but it’s still a fairly elite list.

Fulbright scholarships administer by AMINEF are also a possibility. they have less financial support but a very famous reputation, and they support study at almost any USA University. For Fulbright, you usually work with them during the admissions process and they pay the costs of application fees and required tests.

For LPDP, they are willing to pay some of the application fees and required tests for the university to which you are admitted. So keep the receipts (nota). But you may have to pay some costs at the beginning and get paid back later.

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