2014 EHE Student Research Forum

Indonesian graduate students at the Ohio State University were enthusiastic in participating in 2014 EHE Student Research Forum held  in the Ohio Union on Friday, February 7, 2014 . This forum is an excellent means for those PhD and masters students to disseminate and discuss their research findings and proposals.  This is also a great opportunity to highlight educational issues in Indonesia to broader audience. Below is the list of presenters and titles:


  1. Yanty Wirza  (Dr. Keiko Samimy, Advisor): ELT, language ideology and globalization: A case of Indonesia
  2. Theresia Anggraini (Dr. Barbara Lehman, Advisor): Characteristics of Child-to-Adult Crossover Literature
  3. Umar Abdullah  ( Dr. Keiko Samimy, Advisor)Teacher Certification Program through PLPG: English Teachers’ Learning Experiences Associated with Instructional Practices and Classroom Management


  1. Daud Jiwandono (Dr. Adrian Rodgers, Advisor) Student Teaching: An Essential Period in Preparing Professional Teachers
  2. Riana Permatasari (Dr. Adrian Rodgers, Advisor ):  Teachers’ Limitations and Challenges that Impede Their Roles as Agents of Change in the USA and Indonesia
  3. Risa Haridza (Dr. Karen Irving, Advisor): Comparison the Development of Science Education Curriculum in Indonesia and the U.S.
  4. Ruri Famelia  (Dr. Jacqueline Goodway, Advisor): Children’s Motor Skill Description, Intervention, and Relationship with Other Factors
  5. Triubaida Ardianti (Dr. Adrian Rodgers, Advisor): Teachers as Agents of Change in the US and Indonesian Education