Visiting Scholar introduction: Dr. Dwi Anganni Linggar Bharati

Dr. Anggani and Dual Degree students in OSU

Dr. Anggani and Dual Degree students in OSU

I want to introduce you to Dr. Dwi Anganni Linggar Bharati who will be a visiting scholar in the Department this Fall until January. Ibu Anganni  earned her PhD from the State University of Jakarta and is currently a senior faculty member in the Graduate Department of English Education at the State University of Semerang in Central Java, Indonesia.

Ibu Anganni’s visit here is sponsored by the State Ministry of Higher Education for the Republic of Indonesia. In addition to working on her own scholarship, the Ministry has asked Ibu Anganni to learn as much as she can about our Department with the goal of determining what structures and procedures might be transferrable to the Indonesian higher ed context. As a part of this work and where appropriate, she will ‘shadow’ me at some meetings.

After they graduate from OSU, Ibu Anganni will advise 3 of our dual degree MA students when they return to Indonesia to work on their Indonesian masters degree. During the Fall she will learn more about AOSs, advisement, and graduate level expectations in our department with the goal of creating synergy and connections between graduate work conducted at OSU and graduate work conducted in Indonesia.

Adrian Rodgers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Executive Director, US/Indonesia Teacher Education Consortium (USINTEC)

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