Meet USINTEC: Ellen Prusinski

Ellen Prusinski

Ellen Prusinski

Name: Ellen Prusinski

Status: PhD student in Education Policy at Indiana University

What do you do? I have spent much of the last two years in Indonesia, where I have focused on some of the educational challenges and opportunities facing Indonesia’s uniquely diverse population.

Tell us about your affiliations with Save the Children and Fulbright? As a graduate research fellow with Save the Children, I led a team of local assessors in conducting a study of second graders’ literacy skills in remote Belu, Nusa Tenggara Timor. Study results have been used to ensure that local programs address the specific needs of the area’s under-resourced schools and communities. With support from a Fulbright grant, I’m currently living in Central Java conducting dissertation research on the educational practices and messages surrounding transnational labor migration.

In a nutshell, how do you describe the nature of your dissertation research? My research, which includes participant observation and interviews with local community-based organizations, government officials, and migrant women workers, explores how information about labor nights and safe migration practices is shared at the local level.

What book you are reading right now?Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende

What do you do for fun in Indonesia?  I love visiting warung kopi and trying different varieties of Indonesian coffee.

Where else in Indonesia that you would like to visit? There are a lot of places in Indonesia I hope to visit, but Manado and Karimun Jawa are currently at the top of my list.

What dishes you like from the US/Indonesia? In the US, I love burritos.  In Indonesia, my favorite dish is tempe penyet.

Nasi goreng or burger and fries? Nasi goreng, dong!


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