About the Program

Obesity and obesity-linked cancers are reaching epidemic proportions worldwide. Weight loss, using traditional diets and exercise, has high failure rates. Researchers and clinicians are seeking complementary approaches using bioactive compounds to mimic energy restriction, to reduce obesity and obesity-linked cancer risk.

Training the next generation of scientists, to utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to combat obesity and associated cancers, is imperative. Fellows in this USDA NIFA National Needs training program will learn to incorporate food engineering principles to manipulate the diet to influence whole body physiology, energymetabolism and metabolomics.

The USDA NIFA Food and Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate and Postgraduate Fellowship Grants Program (NNF) is designated for graduate degree programs and postgraduate training of the next generation of policy makers, researchers, and educators in the food and agricultural sciences. Functioning collaboratively with eligible higher education institutions, this competitive grants program develops intellectual capital to ensure the preeminence of U.S. food and agricultural systems.

Outstanding students seeking to earn a graduate degree in food science, human sciences or human nutrition are encouraged to apply.