Failure is a Necessity to be The BEST You

Failing, in my opinion, is a significant part of the college experience. For many, college is where you learn all about who you are as a person and you learn what you would like to do in your future. When you don’t take on new things, however, most times you never find your passion. We often don’t take on new things because we are scared that the other side of that chance is failure. What we often don’t know is failure allows you to grow, gain knowledge and become more in sync with who you are. 

I recently interviewed for a prestigious program on campus. In the interview, they asked me an interesting question: what would you do if you couldn’t fail? My immediate thought was to say “Tim, I would do everything that I’d like to do now, become a counseling psychologist, start directing films, and create my nonprofit mentoring program for under-served student populations.” I want you to think about this question for a second and decide what you would do if you couldn’t fail. Now, let me tell you what I would do now after I took some time to self reflect. My answer would be NOTHING, because without failure the best ideas you have would only be mediocre. They wouldn’t amount to anything or have much impact because you never struggled; your road to success was a straight line. Life brings many different struggles, failures, and obstacles, but with each of these three things comes wisdom, resilience, and passion. You grow when there are challenges within your life, and you must choose to learn from the situation at hand, so in your future you can surpass it with ease.  

I am pretty confident to say all of the greatest innovators have failed and faced heart-breaking obstacles, but eventually they chose to learn from their failures and make the most out of what they’d taken in. You cannot give up ever! Steven Spielberg, one of the greats of cinematography was rejected multiple times by a school he wanted to enroll in to make his dreams become a realityHe didn’t quit, he didn’t let the rejection hinder his dreams; instead, he chose to be more creative, stay driven and eventually that school named the cinematography building after him

Take on New Opportunities 

Don’t be afraid to fail! Take on new opportunities, take risks, and challenge yourself because we only have one life to liveLIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Try new things, set goals and don’t let anything deter you from getting to those goals. We must have drive, passion and love for what we do and if we do not, there is no point in doing it. Our time is limited, so make the most of every second, every minute, every hour and day of your college experience.  

Fail Spectacularly 

When you fail, fail spectacularly, as Leslie Odom Jr. says. Embrace your failure and learn from your mistakes. If you failed to get into something that you wanteddon’t let it hurt you; rather, let it drive you to bring more creative ideas to the table, to grow, and to prove wrong the people who don’t believe in you. Michael Jordan said that he failed over and over again in his life, but that’s why he succeeded. His failures motivated him to work harder, to play smarter, and to be more creative on the court.  

I choose to FAIL, to learn and to let my failures become my driving force to be successful, and I hope that you will, too! 

13 Myths and Traditions of Ohio State

Ohio State is home to many traditions, stories and myths. In this post (coinciding with the 13th day of orientation), I will share a bit of this “Buckeye Spirit” as I explain 13 of my favorite Ohio State myths and traditions!

1. The Hopkins handpaint

Hopkins Hall is home to one of my favorite ghost stories. According to the story, a girl was stuck in an elevator and while struggling to get out she left her handprints all over the elevator doors. Although they say she safely made it out, on the left side of the building you can supposedly see her handprint, a symbol of her struggle inside. Legend has it that no matter how many times someone tries to remove this print it always reemerges.

2. Oval Beach

The Oval (known by many as “Oval beach”), the grassy field on central campus, is a great place to socialize and relax when the weather is favorable. Make sure you have a beach towel ready for those warm days of spring when this local paradise comes to life with activity.


3. Mirror Lake tug of war

Historically, Ohio State’s freshman and sophomore classes had a tug of war competition stretching over Mirror Lake every year. (One may assume the losers had wished that had brought a change of clothes!) Today however, students no longer partake in this tradition.

 4. Welcome Week concert

Before classes start in the fall, the Ohio Union Activities Board organizes a concert. During the past two years, big-name artists such as Krewella, Lady Antebellum, One Republic, 2 Chainz and Big Sean have preformed. In my opinion, the best part about this concert is that you do not have to purchase the tickets, as a student you simply just show up!


 5. Love stories

Ohio State has many traditions rooted in love. Some include a classic first date at Mirror Lake, a marriage proposal through the Hayes Hall whispering arch or going down the Oval long walk with your partner (granted, legend has it that no one can cross your path and the bells of Orton Tower must be ringing in order for “your love to last forever”). Whatever the circumstances, chances are you can find opportunities for romance here at Ohio State!

6. Light up the Lake

Before the holiday season starts in the fall, Ohio Staters Inc. decorates the trees of Mirror Lake with beautiful holiday lights. Before you graduate, be sure to grab your friends and attend this incredible event.

 7. Afro Duck

The myth, the legend, the duck. Ohio State’s Afro Duck has become a campus celebrity. Some hypothesize that Afro Duck has a tumor, while others claim that its afro is a symbol marking his “alpha” status among his fellow ducks. The truth is though that Afro Duck is part of the crested mallard species. Make sure to follow him on twitter @OSUafroduck to stay up to date on his tweets!



8. Pomerene pool

Despite the common misconception, Pomerene Hall no longer has an indoor pool. Once known as the “Women’s Union,” Pomerene Hall was reserved for Ohio State’s female students and included a gymnasium, lounge and pool.

9. Beat *ichigan Week

During the week leading up the The Game, students rally together and create various events to show school spirit. For example, students use red tape to cross out all of the letter Ms on campus buildings and signs in order to contest our rival, That Team Up North.

10. Ohio State only cares for football

False! Although many students rally behind their football team, Ohio State is not just its football team. The university is full of opportunities for excitement, regardless of whether you care for sports or football! Use our climbing wall, experience downtown Columbus, visit the cartoon museum or see the giant sloth skeleton in Orton Hall to find your own avenue of excitement!

11. We love the word Ohio

We don’t care if it’s Script Ohio on the field, singing “Carmen Ohio” throughout the year or taking an O-H-I-O picture with your newest friends, we love any excuse to say Ohio. Eventually, when you hear someone call, “O-H!” you may find it second nature to holler back, “I-O!”


12. Orton bell tower

Want a different view of Orton Hall? Ohio Staters Inc. can actually take you to see inside the bell tower. Just register your group through their website and they’ll make arrangements to take you to the top!

13. Buckeyes are only in Ohio

This is a myth! It turns out that Ohio State has one of the largest alumni networks in the country. This becomes apparent when you travel out of state. For many international travelers wearing Buckeye gear, out of nowhere random people have noticed their attire and responded to “the silent call of Buckeye love” by signaling O-H with their arms.

For me, it is the greatest feeling in the world to know that the Ohio State family stretches across the world and that I am never far from my Buckeye family.

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