What It Means To Be A Buckeye

Being a Buckeye means to be the light that conquers the darkness and brightens the way.

It hasn’t been long since I transferred to Ohio State — or perhaps I just haven’t realized that it has. It doesn’t feel like it’s been long since last fall because I found a big, happy family away from my home soon after I came to OSU from Manipal University in India. As a student, I had a jar full of worries and concerns when I first came to OSU. Ignorant of the new culture and new environment, I wasn’t sure what was I getting into, but one thing I knew was that I was enthusiastic and optimistic about things that were in store for me.

Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with the meaning of being a Buckeye. Believe me when I tell you, this was the first step I took toward realizing what it meant for me to be a Buckeye: the crucial step which brought me closer to understanding that being a Buckeye was a responsibility for me that I took pride in.

A feeling that we all share.

A feeling that we all share.

The essence of the word “Buckeye” is deeply rooted in OSU’s rich culture and traditions which unite all of us under the spirit of a shared sense of belonging and an unparalleled appreciation for our alma mater. If you know Carmen Ohio in its entirety, then following lines will put you in the mood of Buckeye spirit.

“These jolly days of priceless worth,
By far the gladdest days on earth,
soon will pass and we not know
how dearly we love Ohio.”

These four lines from Carmen Ohio are more than just lyrics of the song. These lines reflect upon one of the true meanings of being a Buckeye, and that is to acknowledge the fact that the time you will spend here at The Ohio State University will surely be one hell of a ride full of laughter, tears (of joy, obviously), new relationships and cherished memories. And this is not something that anyone will impose on you to acknowledge, instead you will realize it yourself with the passage of time.

Maybe one day it will just hit you when you see the diversity, excellence and positive energy around you on campus, or when you graduate along with thousands of other students and you’ll realize that you had the glorious opportunity to be an integral part of something much bigger than you. Sooner or later you will realize what it means for you to be a Buckeye, and that is when you will fall short of words to describe it to others (including your fellow Buckeyes) like I am right now.

Being a Buckeye is not about you or me, instead it’s about all of us and how we come together to show our support and love for one another. It’s about how we constantly and selflessly strive towards creating a positive impact on the society and the world. Being a Buckeye is all about paying it forward — may it be happiness, knowledge, experience, or an affectionate gesture.

For me, being a Buckeye is an inseparable part of my identity. Being a Buckeye is what gives me a purpose for my actions. It is what defines my college culture and traditions through my actions. “Buckeye” in itself is a powerful word which cheers me up when I start losing hope, puts a smile on my face when I run out of reasons to stay positive, and reminds me of the immense warmth, affection, support and encouragement that I am getting from my family, friends and professors each and every day here at OSU.

“Though age may dim our memory’s store
we’ll think of happy days of yore,
True to friend and frank to foe,
as sturdy sons of Ohio”

As mentioned in Carmen Ohio, Buckeye spirit is something that will stay with you forever, till the end of eternity, no matter where you are. It will remind you of the best of the times and will become a reason for you to keep your head held high.


5 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting Off Campus

November, like every other month, is an exciting time at Ohio State. Between the semester starting to wrap up, Beat Michigan Week, and Thanksgiving, there’s plenty to do this month on and off campus. Something else that’s exciting, but can also be incredibly stressful, is figuring out where you want to live next year.

“But Andy!” you say, “I remember move-in day like it was yesterday.  And now you expect me to already think about where I want to live next year?!”

Well anonymous voice, the good news is that if you’re choosing to return to campus and live in a residence hall again, your housing contract isn’t even issued until second semester, so you have plenty of time to decide on specifics. However, if you want to live off campus, now is the time to start looking for housing. Most rental companies are already giving tours and signing leases, so it’s in your best interest to get started now. After all, you want plenty of options when looking for your dream apartment!

Here are five essentials to keep in mind as you begin your off-campus search.

1. Establish a Price Range (and Keep Utilities and Furnishings in Mind)

To many, price is the most important criterion when looking for an apartment or house. After all, college isn’t cheap, and housing is one of the most expensive things you’ll spend your money on besides tuition. Most leasing companies allow you to search properties by cost on their website, so determine the amount you’re willing to spend every month and begin your search from there. Remember, most landlords are going to ask you to sign a lease for a full year going through the summer, so take into account an extra three months rent if you’re going to move back home. Also, don’t forget about the less obvious fees such as monthly utilities and furnishing your apartment.

2. Figure Out Your Ideal Location

There are plenty of options in terms of location depending on what is most convenient for you. If you’re a business major, consider staying north so you don’t have to walk too far to get to your classes. If being close to the Chipotle on High Street is a deal-breaker, think about staying closer to south campus.  There are even rental locations far away from campus that are available if you don’t mind driving in or taking the bus every day! If you decide to go that route, factor in the cost of a parking pass if you plan to drive to campus.

3. Don’t Forget About Laundry!

As a student in a residence hall, all it takes to do laundry is loading up your BuckID and walking down to the laundry room. However, it’s not always that simple when it comes to off-campus housing. When you look at a house, don’t forget to check whether or not there’s a laundry hookup, a common laundry area, or no laundry at all. Chances are you won’t want to have to walk or drive to a laundromat where you’re going to have to pay a higher rate than campus laundry for every load.

4. Take Full Advantage of the USG’s Renter’s Guide

Every year, OSU’s Undergraduate Student Government publishes a Renter’s Guide that provides extensive data and reviews on most rental companies with properties near campus. The guide is based on student responses to questions on topics such as rental cost and how satisfied the student was with the property and landlord. This is undoubtedly the most reliable way to learn about different landlords in the area, and with it you can see a list to compare different realty companies.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Ask OSU Student Legal Services to Look Over Your Lease

A lease is a legal contract, so once you sign it you’re obligated to follow it and are bound to its terms for the stated length. This is probably one of the first, if not the first, legal contract you’ve ever had to sign — so you want to be absolutely sure you understand and agree with everything listed, such as whether or not the landlord can increase your rent during the year you’re leasing and whether or not you have to buy something like renter’s insurance. OSU Student Legal Services staffs trained legal professionals who are here to help you, and chances are you already paid for their services in your yearly tuition.

Don’t end up with a landlord like this!

Behind the Title: Academic Advisor

One of the first people first-year students have in their corner is their academic advisor. I sat down with Shannon Peltier, an academic advisor with Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, to learn more about what advisors have to offer and why students should visit them.

What are the most common reasons students visit their advisors?

Most students see us for adding and dropping classes, and for scheduling concerns. Not enough students see us for referrals to other resources.

What resources do advisors offer that more students should utilize?

Really, students can see us for any problem, even if you’re sick for a week and miss class, we can refer you to student advocacy or elsewhere. You can come to us if you’re feeling lost, not feeling right about your major.

Really, it’s anything. If you don’t know who to ask, ask your academic advisor. We can refer you to student legal services, landlord services. We are trained to know Ohio State’s resources—emotionally and academically related—from scheduling, finding your major, interview prep, or any smaller details of your life at Ohio State.

What are some common mistake students make in their first year?

Not dropping classes they should have. As Ohio State becomes more competitive, a lot of students were in the top of their class in high school: they never had to study, never had to ask for help. Some students are too stubborn or don’t realize that dropping is an option. Editor’s note: be aware of your credit hours; dropping below full-time–12 credit hours–could impact your financial aid.

Another mistake, going along with that, is not seeking tutoring resources we have here. Some students see it as a challenge to their sense of self, to ask for help when they might benefit from it.

What would you say to a student considering changing their major?

I’d say, “Why do you want to change? What drew you to the major you have in the first place?” and then we’d look for something similar that might suit your skill sets. I’d have them talk about their long-term goals, where they see themselves in the next five years after graduation, and figure out how to help them get there.

I might also refer them to other advising offices, or to university exploration to help narrow down their choices. Another great resource is the Counseling and Consultation Service, to help with any emotional side to changing a major.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I’d have to say seeing the moment when the student “gets it”—whatever “it” is. Whether it’s a major or realizing they can start their own student organization, it’s just such a growing moment, an empowering moment for them.

What are some resources on campus that students should utilize more?

Oh, Ohio State has so many resources. I think a mistake some students make is not getting familiar enough with everything Ohio State offers. You’re not just here getting a degree, you’re crafting who you want to be. You have to think about, “where are you going?” and then find what at Ohio State can get you there.

More specifically, the Writing Center is a great tool students should take more advantage of. The Wellness Center is always doing supportive and innovative things. And we’re a research university, and more students could always be involved in undergraduate research. I don’t think some students realize how easy that is.

What is your favorite Ohio State tradition?

It might sound really corny, but the singing of Carmen Ohio on senior day at the football stadium. It’s just really beautiful—the words take on an extra depth.

What else would you like first-year students to know?

I’d like them to know that advisors want you to come see us! The days I hate are the ones with no appointments and no one to talk to. We’re here to help you gain life skills.

33 Lessons an Out-of-Stater Has Learned About Ohio

  1. Spelling out Ohio is a common form of greeting.
  2. There actually are cities, Ohio is not just made up of farms.
  3. Everyone is either from Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton or a small town.
  4. The phrase “and Michigan still sucks” added on to any sentence is always welcomed.
  5. Buckeyes are not merely nuts, they are also delicious combinations of peanut butter and chocolate to which Reese’s cannot compare.
  6. “Oval Beach” is the best beach … it’s the only beach … and it’s not actually a beach.
  7. Every football Saturday is the equivalent of a national holiday.
  8. 24 astronauts came from Ohio.
  9. Tractors are not only used on farms, but they are also used for transportation (and they are not very conducive to the flow of traffic).
  10. Two-lane highways without street lights are real.
  11. High school sweethearts exist beyond high school. Their cute social media posts may induce nausea.
  12. When people mention Miami they are not usually referring to Florida.
  13. U-turns are illegal; attempt at your own risk.
  14. When people say they need a sweeper they may be referring to a vacuum. Always clarify when asked to sweep a carpet.
  15. There are high schools with graduating classes that have more people than some Ohio towns.
  16. LeBron returning to Cleveland evokes many strong emotions.
  17. Ohio sports fans reveal the idyllic optimism that many Ohioans possess.
  18. Buckeye Spirit is felt across the entire state; if you are purple and polka dotted but you cheer in scarlet and gray, you are accepted.
  19. Soccer is a big deal in Columbus, the city has its own professional team. Crew games are a blast!
  20. Take advantage of Discount Tickets (D-Tix) at the Ohio Union, you are going to want to see Columbus.
  21. Marcella’s is one of the best restaurants in the Short North, even if you are gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or lactose intolerant!
  22. Just because it is raining doesn’t mean it won’t be sunny within the next ten minutes.
  23. … The reverse is also true; always carry an umbrella.
  24. Snow boots are a great investment.
  25. Presidential elections in Ohio are times every four years Ohio when receives more attention than any other state.
  26. I talk funny. (I’m from Chicago).
  27. Ohio has their own version of a hot dog. It includes both corn and mashed potatoes I am still not sure how I feel about that.
  28. People live with animals that are not their pets.
  29. The summers are humid; you will start sweating when you open the front door.
  30. Jeni’s ice cream does the impossible: makes a dessert out of cayenne pepper.
  31. All roads will forever be under construction, you cannot escape it.
  32. Ohio is the heart of the U.S., it will worm its way into yours.
  33. Most importantly, one day you will realize that while Columbus may be a temporary home, it becomes a place that will forever be a home away from home. 🙂


Next week stay tuned for Connor’s post, The 34 Best Instagram Opportunities on Ohio State’s Campus!

31 Ways Your First Year is Like Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream

Ohio State was founded in 1870 as a land-grant university. 75 years later in 1945, two hopeful entrepreneurs created an international sensation and paved the way for ice cream shops. This sensation is now known as Baskin-Robbins, which originally featured 31 ice cream flavors – one for each day of the month. Oddly enough, these 31 ice cream are similar to different aspects of your first year. Here is a fun and lighthearted list of what you may experience during your first year at Ohio State, represented by Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors.

1. Creole Cream Cheese: Get ready for a whole new experience.

2. Chocolate: Use campus resources for a rich, smooth transition.

3. Lemon Custard: Like some untraditional flavors, you may need to adjust to some things. 

4. Peppermint Stick: Many aspects will be fresh and new.

5. Banana Nut Fudge: Like the many ingredients in this flavor, there will be so many things to do.

6. Maple Syrup: Love syrup? Get a side with some pancakes at Sloopy’s Diner. 

7. Egg Nog: During the holiday season, be sure to go to Light Up the Lake.

8. Rock ‘n Pop Swirl Sherbet: Want some exercise? Dance to the music at BuckeyeThon.

9. Splish Splash Yogurt: Get your swim on at the RPAC (the pools are amazing!).

10. Amazing Spider-Man 2: See your favorite movie on the Oval with OUAB.

11. German Chocolate Cake: Visit German Village.

12. Baseball Nut: See a Clippers baseball game downtown.

13. Cherry Macaroon: Maybe you come here and find that special someone, that “cherry to your macaroon.” Go for a romantic walk around Mirror Lake (see #2 on this list of romantic places)…

14. Love Potion #31: …and maybe even win his or her heart.

15. Peppermint Fudge Ribbon: If you’re looking to “make ties” you can start by attending the Student Involvement Fair in the fall.

16. Super Yumberry Greek Yogurt: Find out what it means to be in Greek Life.

17. World Class Chocolate: Definitely look for a study abroad opportunity! (I went to Guatemala this past year and it was such a great experience.)

18. French Vanilla: En savoir plus sur l’étude à l’étranger à l’étude à l’étranger exposition!

19. Pistacho Almond: So get crackin’!

20. Chocolate Ribbon: A school like Ohio State is a gift, unwrap that gift and think outside of the box.

21. Rainbow: There is something here for everyone, regardless of background. Find your own “pot of gold” at the end of your journey.

22. Cotton Candy: Have fun and don’t be afraid embrace your childish side.

23. Pineapple Sherbet: Trust me, college is going to be sweet.

24. Lemon Crisp: It can also be sour at times.

25. Rocky Road: There are going to be bumps along the way.

26. Coffee: You may need some energy for those late night study sessions.

27. Strawberry: Stop by for a treat at Thompson Library’s Berry Café.

28. Chocolate Chip: Big or small, no two chips are the same. Be your own person.

29. Peach: Do your best in your classes, so you can be just peachy.

30. Vanilla: Vanilla is standard. Ohio State has high standards for you, but we have faith you can be successful here.

31. Date Nut: And at the heart of it all is a nut that we all love: a Buckeye.

Your first year will be one to remember, so try to make the most of it. Get involved, meet people and take risks. This will be a time that will challenge you, but at the same time will teach you so many things. You will discover more about yourself and make the friends of a lifetime, so get pumped because your college experience is just around the corner!

Stay tuned for Sam’s post, the 33 Things I Now Know About Ohio.

27 Things to Bring to College!

One month and 14 days until move-in day! Are you excited? Are you worried about what to bring with you to Ohio State? Here are some things I suggest:

I. Seasonal Attire

1. Umbrella

2. Rain jacket

3. Rain boots

You might have heard the rumor…and the rumor is true. It rains a lot here in Ohio. So make sure you have proper rain gear with you to stay dry and stylish in the rain!


4. Coat

5. Snow boots

6. Scarf

7. Gloves

8. Hat

Ohio weather can be brutal in winter and it lasts for a couple of months. It’s essential to bring clothes and accessories that will keep you warm and comfortable.


II. Special Event Clothing

9. Professional attire

If you are looking for a job or internship, you’ll probably want to go to a career fair to check out all the companies and available positions. Make sure you dress to impress!

6.10.12 KTP2012_021

10. Buckeye attire (football jersey)

Even if you’re not a football fan, you may want to join the rest of campus and wear scarlet and gray while cheering for the Buckeyes. It’s a great opportunity to feel the Ohio State spirit!


III. Study/School Supplies

11. Planner

College students are often busy and have many responsibilities. A planner may help you keep track of your schedule.

12. Folders

You may accumulate papers from your classes once school starts. Consider bringing a couple folders to help keep your things organized.

13. Desk lamp

One challenge new Buckeyes face is learning to share living space with a roommate. A desk lamp can help, especially if you and your roommates have different sleep or study schedules.

14. Laptop

Although there are computers available in libraries, you may want to do some work or watch a movie while you are in your room. A laptop or a tablet allows for more mobility and freedom.

IV. Residence Hall Living

15. Alarm clock

Bring an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning and make sure you go to class on time.

16. Laundry basket

Each residence hall will have a laundry room (typically found in the basement). Here’s a tip: try to avoid doing laundry on Sunday nights because it gets really crowded!


17. Bedding

Don’t wait until the last minute to get bedding! (And don’t forget those extra-long sheets!)


18. Flip-flops

19. Robe

Some of you may live in a residence hall with a bathroom shared by the residents of your floor. Here, flip-flops and robes can come in handy!

20. Power strip

In our modern world, technology surrounds us. A power strip makes sure that you always have a place in your room to charge all of your electronics and mobile devices.

21. Space savers

Most of the residence hall rooms are fairly small and don’t have a luxurious amount of storage space. Consider bringing some space savers with you to make the most of your closet space!


V. Emergency:

22. First aid kit

Headaches, cuts and bruises happen. Be proactive and make yourself a first aid kit to be ready for those minor ailments or accidents!


VI. Everyday:

23. Workout gear

You may hear the phrase “Life in Motion” from the RPAC challenges during orientation. There are a lot of amazing recreational facilities on campus, so get ready to put on your workout gear and stay fit!


24. Water bottle

Ohio State is scarlet, gray & green! Bring a water bottle with you to refill at a water fountain and help eliminate waste!

25. Campus map

Ohio State’s campus is huge. It’s totally normal to get lost during your first week! There will be volunteers in red booths across campus to help give directions. You can also keep a copy of campus map with you or access a map from any of your mobile devices.

f_img_blank_120130725094928Campus Locator 2

26. Travel coffee mug

Campus cafés encourage students to bring their own coffee mugs. They even offer a discounted price if you choose to fill your reusable mug!

27. An open heart

Welcome to Ohio State! You might feel a little bit nervous, excited or awkward; it’s totally normal. Come with an open heart, you will make a lot of friends and some incredible memories.



Be sure to check in on Friday, July 11 when Michelle shares 29 Bits of Wisdom to Get You Through Your First Year.


25 Tweets You May See Your Freshman Year

As an Ohio State student, I’ve found that social media is a great way to connect to the Buckeye community. Through sites such as Twitter, you can find out what is going on around campus, keep in touch with friends, take some awesome selfies, and share everything about your college experience. For the 25th day of orientation, I have shared with you 25 of my own tweets from 2012, my freshman year. I hope you enjoy!

8/20/12: Move-in Day! First stop: football tickets 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.47.40 AM

8/21/12: Having a great time at Community Commitment today! Thanks @PayItForwardOSU for introducing me to awesome new Buckeyes and community service in Columbus!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.56.04 AM

8/22/12: First day of classes! Placing bets on the amount of time I’ll be scrambling around like a lost puppy today. Need to get that OSU Mobile app

8/27/12: After this semester I’m pretty positive I’ll be qualified to teach my new favorite class “the art of speed walking”

9/3/12: Freshman 15 here we come:

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.58.36 AM

10/19/12- Attention poor and/or hungry Ohio State upperclassmen: Please let me block you for any meal any day this semester #ExtraBlocks #FreshmanProbz

10/24/12: Flashback to 4:30 a.m. when I locked myself out of my room and had to go to the front desk complete with toothbrush in mouth wearing my SpongeBob pajama set

11/24/12: It truly doesn’t get better than being a Buckeye #BEATMICHIGAN

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.13.49 AM

11/25/12: If you are an Ohio State student with an Instagram there is a 94% chance you have uploaded a picture of football tickets, Mirror Lake, or The Shoe

12/3/12: Love our late night talks in room 4028, random roommate was one of the best decisions I ever made

12/5/12: Just waved to one of my math tutors at JO South, so now I’ll automatically ace my midterm today…Right..?

12/12/12: How long is it going to take for the boy across the table to realize that he’s actually playing footsie with me and not his gf to my right #libraryprobz

12/21/12: Can’t put into words how incredible my first Buck-I-Serv trip was. Missing everyone already. Thanks for the most amazing experience I could have asked for @BuckISERV #OperationBreakthrough

1/6/13: Couldn’t be happier being back home. I love my friends. I love Ohio State

1/18/13: It’s 18 degrees right now and I just considered that warm. Ohio weather what have you done to me?

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.32.53 AM


2/8/13: SO happy to have participated in Buckeyethon! Proud of everyone who danced tonight and raised a total of $608,623.29!! #BTFTK

2/14/13: MAROON 5 IS SO AMAZING OMG FREAKING OUT IN LOVE OBSESSED. Shout out to D-Tix for the free tickets 🙂 @ohiounion

3/25/13: Officially declared a professional writing minor!!


4/3/13: Exactly one year ago I decided I was going to attend Ohio State. Honestly can’t imagine going anywhere else, way too sentimental but I LOVE MY SCHOOL

4/15/13: There are few things more frustrating than Bob Gribben informing you “your password is not unique enough”

4/25/13: Please raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by a statistics exam

4/27/13: I know life rocks when I intensely click through all 56 of someone’s prof pics only to discover they were sitting at the table behind me the entire time. Never Facebook stalking at the library again…

4/29/13: Officially completed my freshman year of college! So blessed to have met so many incredible people, OSU I LOVE YOU

Stay tuned for July 9, when Dan will write about The 27 Items You Will Want to Bring Freshman Year!

23 Things to do on the Weekend!

Whether your personal definition of the weekend is a traditional Saturday-Sunday affair, or a liberal Friday (even Thursday) to Monday morning, everyone needs something to work toward during the week; Ohio State and Columbus hardly lack in activities, festivities and general fun for the weekend. My name is Alex and here are my favorite things to do:


1) Study: Let’s be honest, that midterm isn’t going to study for itself. I like to set aside a little time from my weekend to get down to business and get ahead in my classes.

(suggested background music)

2) Hang out: Going to class with friends is great, but make sure to get to know each other outside of the classroom.

3) Athletic events: The feeling around campus on game day is pure SCARLET AND GREY ENERGY. Breakout your Buckeye attire and face paint because the Bucks are about to win!

4) Concerts: Whether it’s a free OUAB concert or a performance at the LC Pavilion or the Newport Music Hall, Columbus is a favorite stop on some of the best tours.


5) Thurman Café: This famous burger café has delicious monster burgers (including the Thurmanator) and is located German Village.

6) Melt: Just a short bus ride or walk into the Short North, this restaurant has an amazing assortment of delectable sandwiches.

7) Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: World-famous Jeni’s Ice Cream is available on campus!  However, I think visiting the shop in the Short North is well worth the trip.

8) Piada: For all you Chipotle fanatics, just imagine Chipotle but for pasta!

9) Northstar Café: With several locations, Northstar is my personal favorite for great food and organic options.

10) North Market: Right by the Convention Center, the North Market hosts many independent vendors and food from around the world.

11) Tai’s Asian Bistro: Talk about more bang for your buck, when I order their Pad Tai, it lasts me for days!

12) Union Café (not the one on campus): If you are looking for a great brunch, pop on in for some tasty breakfast food!

13) Surly Girl: Located close to campus in the Short North, Surly Girl offers great comfort food.

14) Katalina’s: Three words. Nutella Pancake Balls.

15) Figlio: If you are looking for pizza and pasta, Figlio in Grandview is a great place to eat!


16) Scioto Audubon Metro Park: This Columbus park has an outdoor rock climbing wall!

17) CoGo BikesNo bike, no problem. CoGo is a bike share program so you can bike the Columbus trails.

18) Columbus Crew: So maybe you’re not playing on the field, but come cheer on Columbus’s very own professional soccer team. Check out student discount tickets at D-Tix.

19)  Run the Trails: The Olentangy Trail stretches alongside the river. This is a perfect place for long runs and bike rides.

20) Relax on the Oval: It’s nice to actually stop and smell the roses (or grass) once in a while.

21) CoSi: You might nerd out a bit, but CoSi isn’t just for kids. This interactive science museum is a blast for all ages.

IV. THINGS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER (but are easy to forget)

22) Call home: Let’s face it, there are times where you may miss home during your first year. Make a point of calling those good friends or family members when you’re thinking of them, they’ll appreciate it.

23) Sleep: You’ve earned it. Although you may not want to spend your whole weekend catching up on sleep, it’s healthy to take time to rest. Work on creating a healthy sleep schedule, so you can use your weekends to build relationships and have adventures!

Check in on July 7 (orientation day 25) when Nikki will write about The 25 Tweets You Might Post During Your First Year.