How to Stay Healthy in College

We all know that our time in college could undoubtedly be the busiest time in our lives. Between getting involved in clubs and organizations, piling on school work and classes, and not missing a weekend to go out, we might find ourselves drifting toward an unhealthy lifestyle.

Whether it’s a late night pizza run, lack of sleep or simply having fast food for lunch every day, all of these things contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.

After two years at Ohio State, I have gathered some tips and tricks that I think are helpful for keeping your life on track:

1. Keep a routine 

A big part of staying healthy is having a schedule and sticking to it. Allocate slots in your schedule to work out. If you can’t find a workout partner or get bored working out alone. Try the group fitness classes available to all Ohio State students (the classes are part of the recreation fee you pay each term). Review all the classes offered and see which ones fit your schedule. Working out with others will keep you motivated.


2. Re-think your drink!

Although you might have more than enough blocks on your BuckID, buying daily lattes might not be the best thing for you. Coffee, although it is a liquid, dehydrates you more than it hydrates you. It might be a good cognitive stimulate, nonetheless it robs your body of water. Furthermore, Coca-Cola might be a Buckeye drink, as the soda company sponsors our school, but remember all the needless calories it throws into your body. One can of Coca-Cola is almost equivalent to a glass of water with 9 spoons of sugar.

3. Go to sleep!   

Now, I understand that it may be hard to get that good night sleep on weekends. We have lots of energy and what’s college if we wasted weekends on sleep? However, you could at least make it a habit to sleep well during the week. Having a schedule can’t be emphasized enough. It will help you stay on top of your school work and avoid staying up all night for homework.

4. Don’t get TOO involved

As I walked through the involvement fair as a new student, I was overwhelmed by all the student organizations at Ohio State. That being said, you should strive to join two or three clubs that really excite you and enhance your college experience. Getting too involved in your fist year could leave you over-scheduled and stressed, exactly the opposite of what you expected before you joined. In my first year, I made sure that one of the clubs I joined was a sports club. That way I was able to stay active and didn’t have to alter my schedule too much in order to work out.

I hope some of those tips were informative and helpful. Make it a priority to stay healthy and it will reflect positively on your social and academic life.

Fun Fact: Ohio State is among the 25 healthiest colleges in America.

Let’s keep it that way!

3 Ways to Save Some Cash

April 15. Tax Day. What better day to talk about how to manage your finances as a college student? I know what you’re thinking…“Ugh, do we have to talk about money? It’s so boring.”

Yes, yes it is. But it’s also important. Especially as many of you will be moving off-campus and will eventually leave the Ohio State bubble! And hopefully, by paying a little attention to these easy tips, we’ll all be able to save a couple of cents here and there (which add up to dollars!)


Create a Budget

Seriously. The importance of this cannot be overstated. How are you supposed to make best use of your money if you don’t even know what it’s being used for? A budget is a great way to keep track of all of expenses, so you can always make sure you’re on track for your savings goals, or to pay all of your bills. There are great online budgeting resources, like, that allow you to integrate your bank account and see how well you’re working toward your budgeting goals.

Know Your Stuff

College graduates are faced with a lot of debt. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you graduate! Read up on the types of loans and grants you receive, and the size of your debt after graduation. That way, you’ll be better prepared to pay it all off as quickly and easily as possible. Financial Coaches in the Student Wellness Center can help you navigate through your various forms of debt and set up a realistic plan for managing your finances.

textbook meme

3. Shop Smart

We all have a love/hate relationship with textbooks. Can’t learn without them, can’t save your money with them. Fortunately, there is a compromise. Make smart choices about where and how you purchase books! Always compare prices across bookstores, and know that online book shopping is a great option. Consider renting if you don’t need the textbook beyond the semester. E-books are often available for purchase online, and can be ridiculously more economical than the physical textbook! Always compare prices, and the beginning of the semester will be a lot less painful for your wallet.

Keep these ideas in mind, and you’ll be financially savvy in no time.

Happy Tax Day!