The Moment I Knew: #BuckeyeForLife

As a part of the Buckeye community, I share the great passion and love that all members of the Ohio State community have in common. But there is one epxerience that is unique for each and every one of us. This unique experience is what I like to call the #BuckeyeForLife moment.

What is this #BuckeyeForLife moment?

Let me elaborate: The #BuckeyeForLife isn’t the moment that you seal the envelope with your Ohio State housing deposit during spring of your senior year in high school; it isn’t on move-in day when you meet your roommate who looks nothing like their Facebook picture (making you realize you added the wrong person…awkward); and, it surely isn’t your first echoing sneeze in the Grand Reading Room at Thompson. #BuckeyeForLife is that one single moment where you stop everything you’re doing, look at all that is going on around you, and say to yourself, “I am a part of something amazing, something much bigger than myself, and I absolutely love it.”

It goes a little something like this:

Now let me tell you about my #BuckeyeForLife moment.

You might be surprised, but my #BuckeyeForLife didn’t even happen during my first year at Ohio State; however, my #BuckeyeForLife moment did occur during an event that is specifically for first-year students before each autumn semester: the President’s Convocation. I was fortunate to attend this event again through my involvement with the First Year Connections Team. My Connections Team peers and I attended Convocation to mingle with new first-year students as St. John Arena filled, so they were entertained while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Many of the first years looked half asleep, as it was pretty early in the morning, but we tried to wake them up a little bit with our enthusiasm.

One of the great traditions of Ohio State is singing Carmen Ohio after large events, such as football games and in this case, Convocation. My #BuckeyeForLife moment happened as I watched the incoming first years put their arms around each others’ shoulders, and start to slowly sway side to side. Seeing the new members of the Ohio State family come together in unison and sing the famed lyrics that each Buckeye keeps in their heart, I couldn’t help but get chills down my spine.

That was the moment I knew. I looked around and knew in my heart that Ohio State is where I belong. I knew that all the work I was putting toward my education and the nearly 1,000 miles to my hometown were all worth the toil. I knew that I had a family, a home, and a future, all because of Ohio State. And last, but not least, I knew that I truly am a #BuckeyeForLife.

I can’t tell you what your #BuckeyeForLife moment will be, because it is different for every person. You have to go out there and find it for yourself. You’ll know when you experience your #BuckeyeForLife moment, and that moment will be a part of you forever.

So here is my task for you: explore, dream, build relationships, stay up a little too late, or do whatever it takes for you to experience your own #BuckeyeForLife moment.

How firm thy friendship,